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Date: 03.11.2023

Update 37: Website Security / Personal Safety

​’Date of Birth’ no longer requested during purchase.  This represents a big change and we expect it will be welcome news to anyone seeking to purchase a test kit from our store. Sharing our personal details online creates anxiety for many of us. As most people know, when a number of (our) data-points are grouped together, that data is valuable and we don’t want it falling into the wrong hands. Data-points (in this context) are individual personal details, such as First Name, Family Name, Phone Number, Home Address, Work Address, the list goes on. So it comes as great news that TestoChecker™ devised a work-around-solution, negating the requirement to enter a Date of Birth when purchasing from our website. The DOB is still required for testing, due to it being necessary for Age Range Comparison, but customers will no longer need to add it during the checkout process. Instead, the DOB can be added to the hard copy of the laboratory Referral Form, which is included in all test kits, by the user.

Why we did this? Cyber Security ranks as one of the most important issues Australian’s face in 2023. Using a credit card online, be it linked to a next-gen’ payment method, or not, comes with risk. The risk can though be mitigated using up to date security software, and each website has it’s responsibility to ensure safety in that regard. And yes, that is where the uncertainty rests. Our Cyber Security also depends on the standards by which said store commits itself. Simply put, the less information you need to share online, the better. And by removing the need to supply a pivotal, personal, detail, i.e. Date of Birth, TestoChecker™ has once again demonstrated its commitment to website payment-gateway security best practice, and the peace of mind of our client.

Update 36: TestoChecker®/NEW Addition/D.u.t.c.h Advanced Test

It has been a long time between updates and during this time a handful of new tests have been added to our store. As always, the tests had to first meet the strict suitability criteria (outlined further down this page) in order to be included. Of particular note is The D.U.T.C.H Advanced Dried Urine Hormone Profile. We have been hoping to stock this for some time and received a number of related inquiries over the years.

It’s a 4-point collection using Urine Strips. Tests included are too numerous to list but include Cortisone, Corticosterone, Estrogen metabolites, Bisphenol A (BPA), Testosterone & Epi-Testosterone. A sample report has been added to the test description. The test represents enormous value which we anticipate our clients appreciating, and to say we are exited about this release would be an understatement.

Date: 27.10.2023

Update 37: Practitioner Intake-2 & Strengthening the Bond with our Client

hunky fitness trainer affiliate RobIt’s all good news. Over the last week, a back-log of ‘Affiliate Applicants‘ have been formally invited to apply for TestoChecker’s™ Affiliate Intake-2. Various benefits come with Affiliation however the demonstrable enhancement of the relationships between Trainers and Clients, Practitioners and Patients, is the most encouraging. Our research showed clearly that the ‘curiosity-factor’ attributed to saliva hormone testing had increased the the frequency of engagement between both parties.

In other words, the relationship between the Professional & Client was strengthened in those cases where hormonal imbalance testing was introduced to a Care-Plan in some form. And with better infrastructure and incentive in place, TestoChecker™ is excited about expanding its affiliate division.

Date: 11.10.2023

Update 36: TestoChecker®/NEW Addition/D.u.t.c.h Advanced Test

It has been a long time between updates and during this time a handful of new tests have been added to our store. As always, the tests had to first meet the strict suitability criteria (outlined further down this page) in order to be included. Of particular note is The D.U.T.C.H Advanced Dried Urine Hormone Profile. We have been hoping to stock this for some time and received a number of related inquiries over the years.

It’s a 4-point collection using Urine Strips. Tests included are too numerous to list but include Cortisone, Corticosterone, Estrogen metabolites, Bisphenol A (BPA), Testosterone & Epi-Testosterone. A sample report has been added to the test description. The test represents enormous value which we anticipate our clients appreciating, and to say we are exited about this release would be an understatement.

Date: 01.05.2023

Update 35: TestoChecker®/ALL OTHER TESTS/Microbiome Mapping Profiles


– Click to view.

The final Microbiome Mapping test has been added to our growing online store, which completes the line up.

The largest of the trio,  Complete Microbiome Mapping, includes a range of highly advanced assays which, if interpreted and acted upon correctly, can be life changing. Alongside the nuanced testing for Pathogens in all forms, we find ​​Candida Testing, Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) reporting and cutting edge Vitek® 2 Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST). Knowing which antibiotics suit the individual can mean that a better outcome may be achieved for the individual when antibiotics are prescribed.  Sample Test Reports for all three Microbiome Mapping profiles have been added to the test descriptions.

​​Please note: TestoChecker® suggest doing some research if you’re considering purchasing any highly valued test, including on this website.

Date: 11.04.2023

Update 34: Specimen Collection Instruction

We have added a new page with various Specimen Collection Instructional Video’s, which can be of use when using a collection method for the first time. As we continue to carefully expand our range of tests the number of specimen collection types has increased, and providing tools designed to assist our clients is something we will continue to focus on going forward.

Date: 05.04.2023

Update 33: Building & Repairing

Today we have made a few corrections on this website related to collection methods, specifically the specimen type SST Serum (serum separator tube). The extent of this repair work was minimal with only three tests impacted and the task is now complete. The error [self diagnosed] was related to the suitability of tests requiring SST (collection method) for at-home testing. It was decided that, going forward,  specimen collections for these tests will require attending one of the many collection centres in Australian cities.

Note: This does not affect 90% of the tests found on our store.

Update 33a: With its clear, self explanatory title, the Specimen Collection Demonstration Videos page was created for the purpose of providing our clients with the resources they need. It’s a small step in our long running commitment to continually review our practices with a view to improve our service here at ​​TestoChecker®

Date: 27.03.2023

Update 32: Microbiome Mapping is Here

Today we are exited to launch three Oral Microbiome Mapping tests, which are already highly regarded. Developed by Genova Diagnostics™. and licensed by ​​NutriPATH., the Microbiome Profiles come with extensive reports packed with actionable insights.

​​TestoChecker® suggest doing some research if you’re considering purchasing any highly valued test, including on this website. We also provide sample test reports for each, so that may be a good place to start.

Date: 21.03.2023

Update 31: Cortisol daily pattern-  with flexible collection times

product SKU T1928-1 thumbnail

– Custom cortisol testing is here.

This is an update that we’ve been waiting to make. ​​TestoChecker® recently added the ​​Custom Cortisol Test Kit.

Why? Requests to customize collection times have become commonplace @ ​​TestoChecker®. And while we are happy to help, it was extra work, and a pain for our Customers having to make these requests.

We needed to simplify the process, and we did.

And at $159.00* $174.90 incl’ additional admin + free express post for the time being, we think it’s good value too. (*updated October’23) 

Date: 06.07.2022

Update 30: Payments | Announcement by Woo-commerce Inc.

Increasing fees for some clients. Specifically, when a customer buys from our store using a card issued outside of Australia an additional 1.5% fee will be charged, up from 1.15%. This change will take effect on July 20, 2022. For more detailed information, review the pricing changes.

Date: 20.05.2022

Update 29: LAUNCH ? 6 Exciting NEW TESTS ?

We’re thrilled to be launching 6 fantastic new laboratory tests. All six tests have been heavily vetted, and suit the Contact-Less trade, ​​TestoChecker® business model.

✔️ Multi Resistant Staphylococci Test (MARCoNS) MARCoNS is a multiple antibiotic resistant staphylococci residing deep within the nasal passage. It’s often seen in biotoxin illness and a marker of low MSH.

✔️ The Diabetes Profile Detect underlying drivers and assess predictability of diabetes.

✔️ Harmful Inhalant Test (IgE) Assess sensitivity to 50 common air-borne inhalants. Test Method: ELISA

✔️ Harmful Molds Test (IgE) To rule out common molds as a contributing factor when investigating the cause of a physical reaction or irritation.

✔️ Drinking Water Analysis Put any doubts about contamination of the home or office water source to rest.

✔️ Growth Hormone Test Human growth hormone (HGH) assessment.

Look out for more tests coming soon, as we carefully expand upon the original range of hormone tests back in 2016.

Date: 13.05.2022

Update 28: The Vitamin D (LCMS/MS) Testing

Today see’s the Re Launch of the popular Vitamin D test. Like many other tests, this test uses Blood Spot Card collection, and while the collection isn’t fun, it can be done with care. Specimens are analysed using Liquid Chromatography/ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) by ​​NutriPATH™.

What’s next? Over the next few weeks ​​TestoChecker® will be rolling out more amazing new test Kits. 

Date: 02.02.2022


Update 27: TestoChecker® Work in Progress

Hi all, welcome to ​​TestoChecker’s® Updates Page, which should be updated more often. Documenting our story is important but plays second fiddle to making sure our commitment to our client is being honoured. This year has seen a slight increase in order volume which is welcomed, but must be managed.

Here are a few developments, and we’ll post and explain more when time allows.

Date: 17.01.2022

Update 26: New Tests Update – Didn’t know Neurotransmitters were Hormones too?

Recent updates not mentioned here include New tests – Neurotransmitter tests.  With analysis performed at the same laboratory, we don’t expect anything but excellence.

Date: 10.01.2022

Update 25: The ​​TestoChecker® ‘2022 test kit cata-vlogue’

The not so full list of Test Kits, but we’ll place it below anyway.

Date: 20.01.2022

Update 24: Vitamin D testing due to make a return @testochecker

Vitamin D testing is making a return to ​​TestoChecker® this month. Look out for the new accompanying materials which should assist with specimen collection. And more importantly, help those who may not be well suited to the autonomous blood draw collection, actually avoid the test. Sounds strange coming from us, but we at ​​TestoChecker® do not want anyone purchasing a test they are not suited for. It will happen, but we must be making our best effort to flag any test with a specimen collection which has caused problems for previous clients.

Yes, Vitamin D is a Hormone, in fact our bodies are home to approximately 50 different hormones. If you would like to learn more check out the Hormone University’s Website, it’s packed full of interesting information. 

Date: 16.12.2021

Special Update 23!! Celebrating Christmas with Family and/or Friends

As we head into Christmas 2022, all of us here at ​​TestoChecker® wish our Clients a Happy and Merry Christmas, Festive Season, which ever makes the most sense to you. Celebrating Christmas with Family and or Friends, not matter the number is what it’s all about. Enjoy!

From the ​​TestoChecker® Team !

Date: 15.12.2021

Update 22: T3006 Secretor Status Removed.

The Salivary Secretor Status test has been discontinued. It was hoped this test would return, however that isn’t to be. We apologise to those we told to wait, and we’ll be more cautious when providing answers about test availability in future.

Date: 12.12.2021

Update 21: Addition of WizPay™

WizPay™ has been added to the list of payment methods which can be used during the checkout stage. As we mentioned when introducing PayPal Pay in 4™, caution is advised when using any pay-later type, payment method.

Date: 13.09.2021

Update 20: NEW Test Launched – T3006 Secretor Status (salivary)

See the new ‘Secretor Status test’ here, (AUD$75.00 total cost) and some information on it can be viewed here in What is Secretor Status? Note this test is not being marketed as life saving by any means. It is in a sense frontier medicine, with only scant information known to be proven by science. To know if you are a secretor or not, may be no more rewarding than the satisfaction of curiosity. If you know more about this particular ‘area’ of medicine, please get in touch, we’d like to hear of your experience and/or expertise.

Date: 11.09.2021

Update 19: Tracker-T™ Launching

The all new Tracker_T™ Web App, is a personal, cloud-hosted, Testo-levels tracking chart. Not only will ​​Tracker_T™, be free when purchasing the Testosterone Test Kit –  It’s also being painstakingly retro-fitted to everyone who bought one in the last two years! 

(Edit 01.05.2023: The app is now bundled with a number of test kits. To find out if the test you are viewing has Tracker_T™ check the test description. 

Date: 10.08.2021

Update 18: Introducing PayPal Pay In 4™ @TestoChecker

Starting today, PayPal® Pay In 4™
is available at TestoChecker® Hormone test Kits. This split payment option is no different to ​​ZipPay™, like them or not, these next generation payment apps are here to stay. ​​PayPal’s new split payment app, ​​Pay In 4™, boasts of “no interest and no late fees”. However, we believe Australian adults understand the not so loudly trumpeted flipside, the potential for human error, and the consequential costs associated with late payments.

Whilst we accept that the modern 4-way split payment method is here to stay, we advise exercising caution when it comes to credit.

Date: 01.08.2021

Update 17: NEW TEST!

​​The Full Female Cycle (28 Day) Hormone Profile

Happy to announce another hormone test has passed our suitability threshold and added to the range we offer. The test is large, involving the collection of a saliva samples on 11 of the 28 days [of the cycle]. The end result is worth the effort as a very detailed map showing the output and timing (ovulation) of these fertility hormones for all three stages of the menstrual cycle. See the test description by clicking on the link above for more detail.

 A little more on ‘adding new tests to our range’:

Assessing a potential new addition to our catalogue of hormnone tests involves an important and certainly basic, self explanatory formula – Value + Benefit = X.  The test must have a long history allowing for the assessment of it’s quality via practitioner feedback, patient testimonial, clinical study and or peer review. The days of adding new tests without having performed proper diligence are long gone, as far back as 2018 when the number of hormone test kit configurations was slashed, and the Design Your Own Hormone Test Kit tool successfully launched. Guy Saywell, General Manager, ​​TestoChecker® Online.

Date: 28.12.2020

Update 16: 2019coronavirus

As we near the end of a very difficult year we hold our heads high knowing Australian’s can, and do come together in the face of adversity. Throughout 2020, our ability to adapt to change and get on with it was demonstrated as we fought back against the 2019coronavirus spread.

Whilst it doesn’t appear to be over by a long shot, I am hopeful we have seen the worst and anticipate genuine vaccines to ‘hit the shelves’ in 2021.

On behalf of ​​TestoChecker®, I would like to wish Everybody a Merry Christmas, and say Thank You to our Valued Clientele.  And may 2021 bring good luck.

Guy Saywell,

GM | ​​TestoChecker® online

Date: 15.12.2020

Update 15: Give a gift of health not wealth – Gift a Hormone Test Kit

It’s not too late to ‘Gift a Hormone Test Kit‘ this Christmas. How does it work? You select the value that suits and add the recipients details during checkout. The results will be delivered directly to the recipient. Any tests valued between $59.00 and $239.00 can be purchase using the gift card of corresponding value or less. Used By Date is 24 months from purchase. Replacements are provided in the event the test kit is misplaced (Max3). Strict Privacy Regulations are adhered to in accordance with HIPPA guidelines at TestoChecker®.

See All Tests 
Purchase Gift Card 

Date: 30.10.2020

Update 14: NEW TEST

More accurately put, this is a variant of an existing sleep hormone test (Melatonin Sleep Rhythm Test) which we believe has real value. The new ​​Sleep Rhythm [V2] Dual Hormone Profile Test Kitrequires a single saliva collection only and measures Two Hormones which directly affect sleep quality. This test may be used to detect sleep hormone irregularity sometimes associated with chronic sleep disruption.  It is not designed to be used a diagnostic ‘tool’, but can be a useful tool when part of a larger ‘tool box’.

Date: 21.10.2020

Update 13: NEW TEST

Genetic Testing is HERE – We have waited some time to write this after what has been a turbulent year. So to finally launch the ​​My Comprehensive DNA Profile is exciting, and a relief. More information about the test, such as the test Sample Report .PDF are provided so you can make an informed decision. Reasonable intelligence level required for interpretation. Consulting others with regards to dietary planning is always wise regardless.

My Comprehensive DNA Profile

Click on the ​​My Comprehensive DNA Profile Test developed by ​​My DNA™labs and performed by ​​NutriPATH™. to read more about it.

Date: 21.10.2020

Update 13a: NEW TEST

The Toxic Metals Saliva Test is primarily used to identify toxic leakage (poisoning) into the bloodstream by one or more of the following implanted devices:

  • Dentures
  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Braces
  • Amalgams

Examples of the toxicants tested in the Toxic Metals Saliva Test are:

  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium,
  • Chromium,
  • Lead 
  • Mercury
  • To see the others click below. ……

Toxic Metals Test – Oral Dental

Click on the Toxic Metals Test performed by ​​NutriPATH. labs to read more about it.

Date: 21.10.2020

Update 12: NEW Post

The Blueberries and the Benefits

Update 12a: NEW Post

​​The Blueberries and The Benefits‘. Going forward, we hope to provide further valuable, fact checked, informative reading related to healthy living and balanced nutrition. And not just about hormones and hormone testing.

Date: 21.10.2020

Limitations of Serum AND Saliva for Testing Hormones 

Did you know there are approximately 50 hormones doing their jobs right now in your body. And only 9 can be tested with accuracy using saliva?

NEW informative post outlining the limitations of both serum and saliva for testing hormones. Knowing some basics allows for you to make a confident, informed choice when the time comes to testing.

Date: 03.10.2020

Update 11: Back up and running !

Website down for a record 22 hours !! And it felt like 22 days to us.Website is once again functioning, with all but a slight lag in page load time to show for it.

Otherwise all systems go, with laboratory test time and Australia Post delivery time both at full speed.

Date: 15.09.2020

Update 10: Delivery Time – Winning! This is welcome news.

Hormone test kit delivery time has improved greatly over the last 7 days and appears to be returning to ‘Normal’. We take back everything we said about AusPost and congratulate them on their critical work.

Date – 10.09.2020

Update 09: Postal Delivery Lag Time update 

Too early to be complacent however our latest observations indicate we may have seen the worst of the current Australia Post back-log fiasco. Delivery time is measured daily from all States and Territories, and at the last look we had 2 day delivery time recordings from both South Australia and New South Wales which is up 155% on this time last week. Queensland was a little slower, at 3.5 day average. We will continue to monitor Post Delivery Lag Time, as the rapid delivery of our Five Star hormone test kits is indeed part of the commitment we make to you. Important: At no time during this period has a saliva sample under our watch failed the laboratories Viscosity Test, which is performed as standard on all saliva samples upon arrival at the lab for hormone testing.

Date: 09.09.2020

Update 08: TestoChecker® Staff Responsibility

If at any stage TestoChecker® became aware of any staff displaying symptoms, it must be reported. Fortunately, we don’t anticipate that occurring but stay vigilant nonetheless. We hope you also  continue to do your part to keep our community COVID Safe.

Date: 04.09.2020

Update 07: Test Kits Now Sent 7 Days a Week !!

The postal system has had a hard time lately and TestoChecker® has responded. From now on we are processing orders and dispatching hormone test kits 7 (that’s right) days a week. It won’t fix the Postal Service but it will help get the test kit to you faster. TestoChecker® are sending more kits every month, and we believe that this increase to the test kit dispatch schedule will have a favourable impact.

Date: 07.07.2020

Update 06: Letter to our clients.sent: TestoChecker® | Big 5 Upgrades broken down.

Date: 05.07.2020

Update 05: Androstenedione testing is here !

Important androgen precursor hormone added to TestoChecker® online digital store.

Having wished for the ability to provide Androstenedione testing for some time now, we are excited to finally add it to the selection. Regrettably, testing costs for this hormone are substantially more, and this is due to the required materials used (reagents) being themselves more expensive to obtain.

Date: 23/06/2020 

Update 04: Big News: Residents of all States and Territories now have access to Contact Free Hormone Testing

Date: 06/05/2020

Update 03: Exciting New Tests – Same 5 Star Service!

Since 2016 we have consistently delivered on our commitment to provide access to laboratory hormone testing in Australia. Our ratings on Google, Facebook and Product Review attest to that. 

During 2020, TestoChecker® will unveil a new range of self-administered tests, which have been selected using strict suitability criteria. We believe practitioners and clients alike will find the new range of test options particularly useful.

  • Gut Health profile (Stool)

Due to having made the informed decision to begin adding other specimen types, i.e. urine, hair and finger prick and blood swab to our store, we are now able to provide a greater range of laboratory tests with practical applications.

​​TestoChecker® will continue to provide its regarded Hormone Test Kit Service, and by expanding our portfolio of practical testing kits, we hope to reach and help even more Australian’s going forward. 

Guy Saywell

General Manager | TestoChecker® Hormone Test Kits

02-93271336 |L 13 465 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, NSW, 2067

Date: 27/04/2020

Update 02: Business continuity update | Coronavirus 2020

TestoChecker® Hormone Test Kits will continue to operate through this period. Immediately after purchasing any hormone test kit you will receive an email including an offer to use the new Contact_Free_Testing option [CFT] regardless of which State or Territory you reside. CFT already applies as the default hormone testing option in QLD, A.C.T, and Tasmania. 

[The above no longer applies. All States and territories now use the same clear and simple process.] 

Date: 20/03/2020

Update 01: MSM [Limited geographically] No longer applies

MSM is available in NSW, VIC, SA, WA only. MSM [for androgen] involves dropping your sample off at the collection centre. Please contact our support via the contact page if you wish to use MSM. 

​​TestoCheckert™ Privacy Policy


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