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How to use Testochecker

When Is The Best Time To Use The TestoChecker Swab Kit?

Optimally, saliva should be collected in the morning before eating or drinking anything but water. Intake of water will not affect test results. Drinking other liquids is not recommended. Fasting for 10 – 12 hours prior to providing the sample is also recommended, making the morning the ideal time.

When Is The Best Time To Use The TestoChecker Swab Kit? (Female)

Cortisol is not dependent on what day it is being taken throughout the cycle. The same can be said for DHEA, Testosterone, Estradiol. You can take a sample for these on any day. With the Progesterone however, it is important to take the sample during the luteal phase. This is the phase post ovulation and pre menstruation. Progesterone levels should be at a certain level around this time. If taken too early you may be taking a sample during follicular phase which is the phase post menstruation and pre ovulation. Charts used to help you determine the ideal test date are provided with the Fertility Hormone Balance Test Kits.

I Am Taking Vitamin/Mineral Supplements. Would this Affect The Test Results?

No, it is not necessary to stop taking your supplements.

I Am On Prescribed Medicine. Would This Affect The Result?

If you are taking prescribed medication, it is recommended that you continue to do so. Until now, no medications have been found to interfere with the results. However, blood in the saliva, visible to the eye, will contaminate the sample and void the result. Check first by rinsing the mouth with fresh water and swilling into sink whilst observing for signs of blood in your saliva.

What If I Want To Test More Than Once?

Simply purchase more than one kit. Use each saliva kit and mail it back for testing when you choose. One of the advantages of saliva testing is that it allows for you to replicate the conditions under which the sample is provided, including the timing of your test, allowing for optimal consistency. Multiple tests can provide additional clarification.

What If I Can’t Produce Enough Saliva?

Try closing your mouth and moving your teeth as if you are chewing. Take your time, and refer to the tips for saliva collection in the kit instructions.

I Still Can Not Produce Enough Saliva Using The Suggestions In The Kit, What Should I Do?

Cut a lemon in half and inhale the smell of it. Try this a few times, and stay relaxed. If this does not work, squeeze 1 drop into the inside of the cheek. Move the mouth around, and have another try to produce the saliva.

What To Do If My Results Are Out Of Normal Range?

We suggest you take those results to see a local GP. It’s possible further investigation is required. It is possible that you have detected something your GP is unaware of and needs to know about.

I Have An Implanted IUD, Will I Be Able To Use The TestoChecker Kit?

Yes, however, if you plan on removing the IUD, at least 1 month should pass before using the TestoChecker Kit.

I Am Using Hormone Replacement Therapy, How Does This Affect The Results And Can I Still Use The TestoChecker Kit?

The results will reveal your current levels. if you are either starting or ceasing HRT ie: cream, gel, troche, pessary, it is recommended that you wait 3 to 4 days before using the TestoChecker Kit.