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How to use TestoChecker Online

Using TestoChecker’s proven reliable platform is easy. By following the 3 Steps to Using TestoChecker outlined below, Australian adults can test and track the hormones using saliva which are of significance to them.

This is post-to-post, contact-free hormone testing, with no travel or appointments involved. 

how to use testochecker

– 3 Steps to Using TestoChecker

3 Step Guide to Using TestoChecker

  1. Purchase test, have it delivered to your doorstep. Tracking number available on request.
  2. Perform simple saliva sample collection and complete the included referral form.
  3. Post your sample[s] and referral form back to the lab’ using the Express Post satchel. Tracking included.

Receive your hormone test results by secure .PDF at your designated email address.

That’s it!

At each step of the way you’ll be kept informed by our small but effective Customer Service Team. Our service is highly rated and that small team is the reason for it. It’s their responsibility to ensure our clients get precisely what they expect, and on time.

Why Use TestoChecker?

For a short answer, see this 66 second long video explaining ‘How we help with hormone testing in Australia.’

  • Cost – TestoChecker empowers others to do-it-yourself and doesn’t believe paying for expensive consultation with a practitioner without necessity is fair-dinkum. Read How you Save Money using TestoChecker if you don’t already know.
  • Convenience – Other hormone test kit providers may require that you deliver the samples to a collection center in person. Check first!
  • Contact-Free (that’s 100%) – With TestoChecker, the entire process is contact-free – utilizing Express Post (special category) for delivery of test kits, and also sample(s) to the lab.

So if you’re curious about your hormones, or, simply wish to put uncertainty to bed by ruling out hormone irregularity, you’re in the right place.

Remember, hormone testing is not intended as a diagnostic tool alone. It may however be useful when investigating illness, but only as one investigative tool in a larger “toolbox”. if you are experiencing pain, discomfort or suspect you may have medical issue’s, see your GP or attend the nearest hospital for checkup.


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We take the Stress out of the Test!

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