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TestoChecker’s Customer Support page consists of actual email transcripts with names and any other identifying information removed, of course.

What’s the point of this page?

The point of this page isn’t to showcase TestoChecker’s® grammatical prowess, no-no, the purpose of this page is to provide answers to questions others have had previously. For a comprehensive list of question’s check the FAQ page.

Query –  208 Complete Food Panel – IgA

“Hi – I’m interested in this food allergy test and have a few queries;

  • What is the collection method? It’s not noted on the page? (Would prefer to go to a pathologist if that’s an available option.)
  • How long do the test result take once you’ve received the blood sample?”

– Darren.


Good afternoon Darren,

Let me see if I can be of assistance here.

This link will take you to a Sheet I just created for the purpose. You may have already received an invitation to it. You will see a number of tests, each with the corresponding Specimen Type

Feel free to take your time to look over it, and i’d also be happy to provide you with a Sample Report, should that be of interest. As far as the collection method is concerned, it is always better to have the procedure performed in a proper setting, and we have many collection centers for you to choose from. Some tests can be performed via multiple methods, but nobody is pretending that the finger prick is the same as a full blood draw, (not unless you work for Amanda Holmes).

Costs, not all those tests have been officially added to our online store as it would have delayed the sending of this email. Happy to provide those as required.

Test time is approximately 9 working days, with irregular test results requiring clarification, potentially adding a further 2 days. If I have missed anything, do let me know.

Have a nice day,

Client Liaison Officer
Ground Floor, 465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood​ NSW​,​ 2067

Query – Test Kit Delivery Time.

“Good morning Abby, how long will it take for my test kit to arrive?

Kind regards” 


Good morning <nameremoved>,

It depends on the destination so major cities are told to predict 2 days, and country towns 3. But of course that comes with disclaimers. We do use Express Post courier, but we stopped making the Next Day Delivery claim years ago due to Express no longer meaning Overnight, unfortunately.

If you are concerned about your delivery, I believe there is a tracking ID in the email you received from the laboratory. So that may be worth checking.

I hope that helps, and if there is anything else don’t hesitate to let me know.

Warm regards,

Client Liaison Officer
Ground Floor, 465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood​ NSW​,​ 2067

Query – Midnight cortisol collection.

“I looked into the comprehensive cortisol test but there’s no midnight on the test collection times.  ..can (I) still use the test kit without following the collection times or should she buy a cortisol midnight test separately?” 


Hi <nameremoved>,

Yes you are correct, there is no midnight collection in the Comprehensive Cortisol test.

Sounds a little odd, yes, and for this reason, we get requests to add or remove a hormone, or a collection or even shift a collection time to suit the client. It means a little extra work at our end, but you only pay for the additional cortisol test, which in this case works out to be $37.25. Nothing more. 

If you would like to add a cortisol midnight collection to the Comprehensive Cortisol test kit, you can do that by following these steps below:

  1. Go to the Comprehensive Cortisol test kit page on the site and purchase it as normal.
  2. Prior to, or post purchase, (won’t make a difference), please send me an email* requesting the “additional cortisol midnight collection” to the Comprehensive Cortisol test kit you are purchasing.
  3. ​You will then receive a payment request from TestoChecker® for the amount of ​$37.25.

*Please be sure to use the same email address as you did when making your purchase.

Once that is paid, you will receive a second receipt for that portion of the test cost, from PayPal. 

And that would be all <nameremoved>. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to get back in touch. Doesn’t matter how silly it may seem to you.

Happy Hormones 🙂

Client Liaison Officer
Ground Floor, 465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood​ NSW​,​ 2067

Query – General information request after purchasing


Dear <nameremoved>,

It’s busy, but not too busy to assist you. Below you will see a list of points/tips for your reference on collection day. This information also appears in the test kit instructions, and you should still read those too. I have highlighted the two points I believe to be Vital.

They are:

  • Add the date/time and your full name on the actual test tubes when collecting the specimen.
  • Retain the tracking-ID sticker, or take a selfie beside it for the record. It’s important cargo, and worth tracking.
  • Send samples back to the lab early in the day.
  • Don’t brush teeth or drink coffee, alcohol or fizzy-drinks prior to collection.
  • You don’t have to add payment details or complete the referral. Only add your name, date of birth, and list any medications, or supplements you may be using currently.
  • Send samples back early in the week if possible.
  • Samples can stay in the freezer temporarily if required.
  • You only need to provide enough saliva to meet ‘the line’. 
  • Delay the test if you feel unwell.
  • Include the referral together with the samples in the reply envelope.

Finally, <nameremoved>, I will alert you when that satchel arrives safely at the laboratory, and testing will have already commenced by the time you read that email.

I hope you feel more comfortable having the list above handy. And like I said, if there’s anything else don’t hesitate to get back in touch.

​Anthony ​A.
Client Liaison Officer
Ground Floor, 465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood​ NSW​,​ 2067

Query – A) Storing saliva samples in the freezer. B) Collecting samples when unwell.

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Good morning <name removed>,

I hear you got hit by that flu, don’t feel special it’s all over the place, including here just recently. A lot of people claim the effect is as bad as COVID19 omicron, so congrats for making it through.

In regard to your questions, I will attempt to call you but just in case I cannot reach you I’ll answer them here.

Disclaimer: This is not a health related medical question and so I can in fact answer it without breaching ‘the rules’. 

Never test when you’re under the weather <name removed>. The chance of ‘blood spotting’ is too high with the constant coughing. If your mate was sick when he collected his sample, that’s not great. If however, he wasn’t sick at that stage, no problem….

The sample he has in the freezer (2/3 days) is still good. Saliva is a tough specimen type, and I suggest he package and post that to the lab ASAP.

OK, I’ll try to contact you now. If I can’t get you, and you have any other questions you’re welcome to email me directly.

Client Liaison Officer
Ground Floor, 465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood​ NSW​,​ 2067

Query – Delaying the test due to temporary infection

“Hi Michelle,

Thanks so much for that. I haven’t had covid yet (I don’t think) but if this flu is anything to go by, I sympathize with those that have had it!

<name removed> freezer saliva was taken before he got sick. He probably got sick after doing the salvia, from me as I’ve had it longest.

I’ll hold off on doing mine until I feel back to my old self and will get <name removed> to ship his off this arvo

Thanks again!”

<name removed>


Hello <name removed>

No problem and I am sorry I wasn’t able to call <name removed>. It’s crazy busy currently, but it does sound like you have a handle on things anyhow.

Best of luck with the tests.

Warm regards,

Client Liaison Officer
Ground Floor, 465 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood​ NSW​,​ 2067

Slight corrections of typical grammatical error has been performed to avoid confusion.

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