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How You Save Money

TestoChecker Kits include the Full Works!!

TestoChecker® provides a one stop, one cost, direct to the lab’, digital hormone testing platform. Our primary responsibility is to make what is quite a complex process simple and smooth for our clients. TestoChecker’s hormone test kits include everything required, and there are no additional costs involved at any stage. There is no overstating the next point, yes, saving money where we can is as popular as ever, especially in these trying times.


How You Save Money using TestoChecker?

Referral provided – we take care of that! TestoChecker® provides the usually expensive and inconvenient authorization together with your Test Kit. That’s saving you time and substantial cost. Read on to learn more about how you save money using TestoChecker.


Why do I Require a Referral to Test My Hormones?

In order to access top level laboratory testing in Australia, specific requirements must first be met. This is called ‘Red Tape’ in plain speak. You need a ‘Laboratory Referral Form’, much like you would get from a GP to see a physiotherapist for example. But in this case it is a test request. The content of that Referral Form is needed so that the correct reference data can be applied within your results. The test results will include comparison charts which correspond with your age and gender.


Not only do you Save Money Using TestoChecker!

We pride ourselves on Taking the Stress Out of the Test and that seems to be an attraction for many. People prefer not to deal with ‘Red Tape’ where possible making TestoChecker® the perfect option for testing hormones on the go !

How to use TestoChecker hormone test kits.

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