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Our COVID-19 Response

Special Announcement | TestoChecker 2019_nCoV updates | Gordon, NSW, Australia | Health>Medical Testing | Updated 10.07.2021

TestoChecker® 2021 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update Page’

Check State and Territory websites for further COVID19 related enforcement information

Welcome to the Our Covid-19 Response Page. Here we provide updates on TestoChecker’s operational status and also some useful links to official Australian Government information sources.

By taking steps to limit the spread of Novel Coronavirus, Australian’s can win the battle.

Refer to your local state government for the latest responses to the 2020 Novel Coronavirus event. You can also check restrictions in all states and territories using the COVID-19 Restriction Checker.

TestoChecker Hormone Test Kits is an Australian owned and registered COVID19 Safe Business.

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– 12.07.2021

TestoChecker® 2021 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update’

At this time, TestoChecker® has recorded zero instances with regard to positive COVID-19 cases amongst our staff. Our store is open as usual, and our provider businesses also report no interruption to supply of services. We wish all Australian’s well in spite of numerous lockdowns in place, specifically South Western Sydney.

Masks must be worn in the following circumstances:

  • supermarket or shopping centre. (currently closed in some regions)
  • bank or post office. (currently closed in some regions)
  • hairdressing, nail, beauty, tanning or waxing salon, or spa. (currently closed in some regions)
  • betting agency and gaming venue. (currently closed in some regions)
  • indoor entertainment venue, including cinemas and theatres. (currently closed in some regions)
  • places of worship. (check prior to arrival)
  • residential aged care facility. (check prior to arrival)
  • waiting for, or travelling on public transport – including taxis and ride-share. (check prior to departure)
  • tattoo or massage parlour. (currently closed in some regions)

Please note rules vary depending on location.

Latest COVID19 related media releases [09 July 2021]

COVID-19 Test clinics and Vaccination Hubs


  • Lifeline – 131 114
  • NSW Mental Health line – 1800 011 511
  • Kids helpline – 1800 551 800

Are there delays currently at TestoChecker?

See latest update for test turn-around-time (TRT) interruptions if in fact they apply.

– 10.06.2021

TestoChecker® 2021 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update’

TestoChecker continue to operate at full speed with no reported cases of illness to our small team. Likewise, the business we depend on are currently functioning normally.

We encourage all to adhere to any restrictions and requirements which apply in their respective location. More information ca be found below:

– 10.02.2021

TestoChecker® 2021 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update’

Our systems are fully operational, as are our supporting businesses. No delays to test turn-around-time (TRT) have occurred for some time now. Office staff continue to observe increased hygiene awareness, and maintain cleanliness of all contact points. We encourage all to continue to do the same. Coronavirus 2021 and it’s parent strain, Ncov_19, continue to pose a major threat both domestically and internationally. TestoChecker will continue to monitor all alerts and notifications related to Coronavirus, alerting our valued clientele of any relevant information should it arise.

TestoChecker Administration.

– 05.01.2021

TestoChecker® 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update’

IMPORTANT: masks to be worn indoors in Greater Sydney. 

[Services NSW] “If you live in Greater Sydney (which includes Wollongong, Central Coast, the Blue Mountains, as well as the southern zone of the Northern Beaches), it is mandatory to wear a face mask indoors, if you are visiting a shop or a business including:

  • supermarket or shopping centre
  • bank or post office
  • hairdressing, nail, beauty, tanning or waxing salon, or spa
  • betting agency and gaming venue
  • indoor entertainment venue, including cinemas and theatres
  • places of worship
  • residential aged care facility
  • waiting for, or travelling on public transport – including taxis and ride-share
  • tattoo or massage parlour

Service NSW Centres also require customers to wear masks.

Children under 12 and those with exemptions are encouraged to wear masks where practical.” – Service NSW. Gov. | Know the rules

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– 24.12.2020

TestoChecker® 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update’

As you’ve sadly heard, restrictions have been modified for some parts of Sydney for 24-26 December. Reminder of restrictions over Christmas.

#StaysafeAustralia #gettestedforcovid19 #safedistance

– 24.11.2020


TestoChecker® 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update’

2020 Novel Coronavirus: As we approach Christmas 2021 after what has been a crazy year, TestoChecker and it’s associated laboratories report no delays currently. Nor are we anticipating delays to test turn-around-time in the foreseeable future.

If you have concerns about your own health, or simply wish to view the latest Australian Government, Coronavirus Updates you will find the links at the top of this page.

#StaysafeAustralia #contactfreetesting

– 24.10.2020

TestoChecker® 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update’

TestoChecker hormone test kits continue to operate at full capacity. The No Contact Hormone Testing has proven itself both safe and fast with the exception being mid to late August this year due to AusPost mismanagement (see below).

The laboratories performing the analysis of the hormone test kits is also reporting no delays currently.

– 26.08.2020

TestoChecker® 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) Management message

2019_nCoV has meant enormous inconvenience for all Australian’s with severe restrictions to movement and trade reimposed in may parts.

Individuals and small business have suffered particularly. But it is young Australian’s who have been cheated the most, robbed of precious childhood time by this tenacious, persistent and adaptive viral infection, 2019_nCoV. 

On behalf of TestoChecker and its employees, I would like to offer our sincere sympathy to anyone who is sick, and out praise and admiration to all those on the front line of this silent battle.

We all applaud your efforts.

Guy Saywell | GM
TestoChecker Hormone Test Kits
‘Contact-Free Testing – Australia Wide’
Suite 1A, Level 2, 802 Pacific Highway,
Gordon, NSW, 2072, Australia.
(02)​ ​9327 1336

Are there delays currently at TestoChecker?

See latest update for test turn-around-time (TRT) interruptions if they apply.

– 13.07.2020

TestoChecker® 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update’

TestoChecker Hormone Test Kits and all associated businesses are currently operating normally. Test volume is moderate however it is increasing slowly. TestoChecker took steps early on to adapt our services to not just survive, but to improve. With the rapid introduction of Contact Free Testing [CFT] across the country, we have so far managed to navigate a difficult 2020.

Safe distancing is observed in our Sydney office, and no staff reported sick to date. 

This crisis is far from over, and TestoChecker will continue to take the advice provided by the State Government / Safe Work Australia and NSW Health Department.

We hope everyone does the same. 

#Stayhomeifyoucan #staysafe #safedistancing #2020NovelCoronavirus #2019_nCoVresponse

– 31.03.2020

TestoChecker® 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘Status Update’

The following is a Status Update from TestoChecker® and unless there are any major changes, this will be the only Status Update until the current Coronavirus pandemic abates here in Australia.

  • TestoChecker® will continue to operate through this period 
  • Contact-Free-Testing has been implemented
  • Test kits can be purchased and sent out immediately
  • Logistics processes for specimen return remain uninterrupted
  • Testing schedules remain on time

TestoChecker® 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019_nCoV) ‘General Letter’

– 18/03/2020


We hope this message finds you in good health and if not, that you are receiving the best of care. On behalf of TestoChecker® , I felt compelled to provide some information on how we are dealing with the most recent corona-virus outbreak.

Our aim is to continue to operate in a safe way and whilst we have no expectation to “thrive”, we are confident we can survive.

What are we doing about COVID-19?

TestoChecker® has quickly introduced the Contact-Free-Testing option. Test kits purchased this way can be sent back to the laboratory using a supplied Express Post satchel. Using this option means that dropping the samples off at a collection centre is NOT required.

At present, and following consultation with our trusted, connected laboratory’s, there is no expectation of any significant interruption to the services provided by TestoChecker®

Should this change, we will communicate this to existing ‘Test Kit Holders’  immediately. In the event that this changes, we will also place a store wide update notice on our website advising of any delays. 

On behalf of TestoChecker®, I wish you well during these difficult times.

Guy Saywell

TestoChecker Hormone Test Kits
‘Contact-Free Testing – Australia Wide’
Suite 1A, Level 2, 802 Pacific Highway,
Gordon, NSW, 2072, Australia.
(02)​ ​9327 1336

GM | TestoChecker®.  Ph. 0293271336 GEC – Suite 1, Level 2, 802 – 806 Pacific Hwy Gordon, NSW, 2072