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How long does Saliva Hormone Testing take?

The advertised, standard saliva hormone testing wait-time is 10 working days, although it is often quicker. There are variables which can affect that time that you may want to consider, they are:

  • Re-testing is required only when the test results appear outside of the established “normal range”.
  • Test time commences the moment your sample reaches the laboratory.
  • Test time information is approximate, is subject to change and includes working days only.

Hormone test wait-time chart

How long does hormone testing take?

TestoChecker partner laboratory hormone test time chart.

.. how long does a hormone test take, [cont]: All results undergo three post-test quality control reviews, with the third review conducted by the laboratory Chief Scientist personally. This determines whether the calibrations and reference curves performed as programmed/expected.

What can people expect using TestoChecker?

Our role at TestoChecker is to ensure our Clients get the result they need, on time. Read on for more detail about how we go about managing pathology requests, to ensure our Clients get what they pay for, i.e. top level Australian based accredited pathology services and saliva hormone testing, all without leaving their home.

We aim to make the journey seamless, from ordering, through the short (see above) wait period, and finally the timely delivery of your hormone test results. 

Our job isn’t done until you have received those results. Prior to sending them to you, we perform checks to ensure you have results which are of the standard our testing laboratories are renowned for.

All laboratories make the odd administrative error, and so do we, but it’s our job to find and fix any error made by a lab, and we fix them fast, not that we need to often mind you. 

So what are examples of the things we look for?

In addition to monitoring hormone testing wait-time, we check that all hormone tests requested by our valued Clients have been included in the results. The formatting of the results is also checked to be sure there are no identifiable omissions. 

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Updated: 19/01/2022

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