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What are the Types of Testosterone Treatment? [Archive]

Tinctures, Tonics & Testosterone Treatments | Brief history of synthetic testosterone 

Leopold Ruzicka, Nobel Media AB 2021. Tue. 9 Mar 2021

Leopold Ruzicka. [Image credit Nobel Media]

After toying with fragrance molecules in perfume for some time, scientist Leopold Ruzicka’s research eventually delivered us synthesized testosterone made from cholesterol. Synthetic testosterone derivatives (esters), also referred to as anabolic androgenic steroids, have been a thing for almost a century in one form or another. Whether we have an opinion about them or not won’t change that.

What you may not know is that 50 years ago prescription anabolic steroid use was more prevalent than it is today, in fact it was out of control.

First synthesized in 1935 by Leopold Ruzicka, a joint winner of the ’39 Nobel Prize for greatness achieved in chemistry, Testosterone’s reputation didn’t take long to grow thanks in part to doctors who appear to have drunk the Kool-Aid en-mass.

By 1950, local doctors in the USA recklessly prescribed testosterone derivatives as a remedy for just about anything.  Ailments which qualified for this amazing “cure all” included weight loss, depression and tobacco dependency. Disturbingly, testosterone was used in various failed attempts to “treat” homosexuality.  

Yes, the male hormone testosterone has earned itself a bad reputation, but we’re here to talk Brand Names of prescription androgen steroids so let’s get to it:

Safety Message: Anyone planning to increase bulk and muscle by way of weight training in tandem with testosterone boosters, is advised to have a thorough physical examination beforehand. Coronary abnormality can sometimes go unnoticed. A quick trip to the doctor to check heart health is a sensible move as high performance translates to heavy load on the old ‘ticker.

Welcome to the ever evolving Prescription Anabolic Steroid by Type & Brand | Archive.

Nebido. Testosterone undecanoate image

  Nebido®1000mg/4ml Injectable. Testosterone undecanoate.

Here you'll find the Brand Names of injectable, buccal, gel, patch, capsule and even pellet form testosterone.
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What are the Types of Testosterone and their Brand Names?

In Types of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, we’ll skip the illegal products that haven’t been tested. You can check some of them out in Black Market Steroids, after reading this of course..

Just quickly: Some of the testosterone treatment brands mentioned are no longer available, when you’ve finished here, head over to Discontinued Anabolic Steroids to see which testosterone treatment brands have survived the test of time.

Prescription Anabolic Steroid by Type & Brand | Archive

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image of prescribed Sustanon testosterone packaging

  Over the years, Sustanon® has been prescribed more times than a ping pong ball has been hit.


Testosterone delivery systems | Type

List of various testosterone delivery systems:

  • Intramuscular testosterone injectables
    ransdermal testosterone image for blog post

      Testim® Transdermal testosterone gel tubes.

  • Testosterone patches
  • Transdermal testosterone gel
  • Transdermal testosterone gel packets
  • Transdermal gel tubes
  • Nasal testosterone gel
  • Buccal testosterone i.e. lozenge
  • Testosterone pellet


Now we look at Brand Names of the various testosterone derivatives, aka testo boosters, aka testo esters, aka anabolic steroids, that have been sold in bulk over the years. To do that, we grouped them into the testosterone derivative ‘type’ and list the Brands below.


Intramuscular testosterone injections (Type / Brand)



Synthetic testosterone derivatives (esters), also referred to as ‘anabolic androgenic steroids’, have been sold under many a brand name:


1. Testosterone cypionate  

  • Andro Cyp®
  • Andronaq LA®
  • Andronate®
    Depo_Testosterone testosterone cypionate.blog

      Depo-Testosterone® Power comes with danger.

  • Dep Andro®
  • Dep Test®
  • Deposteron®
  • Depostomead®
  • Depotest®
  • Depo-Testosterone® (Available)
  • Depovirin®
  • Durandro®
  • Duratest®
  • Jectatest®
  • Malogen CYP®
  • Pertestis®
  • Testa-C®
  • Testadiate Depo®
  • Testex Elmu Prolongatum®
  • Testoject LA®
  • Virilon®


Transdermal testosterone gel packets

 AndroGel transdermal testosterone gel comes in packet or tub

2. Testosterone enanthate  

  • Xyosted® 50 mg, 75 mg, or 100 mg of testosterone.


Considered by many to be the most ‘bioidentical’ form of testosterone. Used in hormone therapy for transgender men for decades. Testosterone enanthate falls into the (long acting) Pro-drug category of medicine. Testosterone enanthate is a testosterone ester and will maintain long-lasting testosterone level elevation when used.


Challenge! We think we found them all. Should you know better, drop us a quick note, you never know, you may even be rewarded.


3. Testosterone undecanoate   

Testopel. Testosterone Pellet product image

Testopel® made, you guessed it, testosterone pellet.

  • Aveed®
  • Andriol®
  • Nebido®
  • Jatenzo®
  • Panteston®
  • Reandron 1000®
  • Restandol®
  • Undecanoate 250® and
  • Undestor®


4. Testosterone propionate 

  • Agrovirin®
  • Andronate®
  • Andrusol-P®
  • Anertan®
  • Masenate®
  • Neo-Hombreol®
  • Oreton®
  • Perandren®
  • Synandrol®
  • Testoviron®
    andriol caps not for sale

     Andriol Testocaps® 40mg capsule.


5. Testosterone phenylpropionate (Oil)

  • Testolent®
  • Omnadren 250
  • Sustanon 100
  • Sustanon 250


6. Testosterone decanoate

  • Used as an ingredient in Sustanon, and not a stand alone ester. I guess we can call it a ‘sub-ester’, but please don’t quote us.


7. Testosterone isobutyrate [Czech Republic & Slovakia only]

Brands of testosterone blog post imagery

    ⊕ Halotestin® 5mg tabs.


  • Agovirin-Depot®
  • Perandren M®
  • Testocryst®
  • Virex-Cryst®


8. Testosterone isocaproate

  • Sustanon 100®
  • Sustanon 250®
  • Omnadren 250®


Testosterone Brand by Delivery System 

Below you’ll find the the Brand Names of buccal, lozenge, gels, patches, capsule and even pellet form testosterone.

Restandol buccal testosterone. i.e. testosterone lozenge

 Restandol® make a testosterone lozenge in huge volume.


Transdermal testosterone patches (non gel)

  • Androderm® 

→2.5mg/day – now 2mg/day

5mg per day – now 4mg/day

7.5mg per day – now 5mg/day


Can’t find the steroid your looking for? Check out our Rare & Super Rare testosterone boosters lists! (scroll down)

Vogelxo. Transdermal testosterone gel tubes

Vogelxo® Transdermal testosterone gel tubes.


Transdermal testosterone gel (Brands)

  • AndroGel®  (1% testosterone)
  • Axiron® (twist and pump)
  • Fortesta® (pump action)
  • Vogelxo®


Transdermal testosterone gel packets (Brands)

  • AndroGel® (1.62% testosterone pump action)
  • Vogelxo® (50mg/100mg)


Transdermal testosterone gel tubes (Brands)

Deca Durabolin.blog.post image

  Deca Durabolin the Testosterone Suppressor. Paradoxically.

  • Testim® (50mg/100mg)
  • Vogelxo® (50mg/100mg)


Nasal testosterone gel (Brands)

  • Natesto®


Read: What’s in Sustanon 250 and Deca Durabolin?

Natesto. Nasal testosterone gel.image

Natesto®. Best of the Gels. Click to see if it’s still around?

Buccal testosterone i.e. enanthate lozenge or capsule (Brands)

  • Striant®
  • Andriol®
  • Jatenzo®
  • Androxon®
  • Restandol®


Testosterone pellet (Brands)

  • Testopel® 75mg testosterone (Endo pharma®)


“No, No, you idiots you missed one!!”

What?. no..OK. If you think you know one that’s missing, please drop us a quick note here, we’ll take a look and happily add it to the Archive. Some countries had (or still have) no pharma industry regulation, making them susceptible to unethical businesses producing un-tested and possibly non-compliant (or just plain dodgy) product.

For that reason, copy cat ripoffs are not Archived here, but have a home in the Black Market Steroids 2021 post you wouldn’t want to miss for all the “T” in Testosterone.

Thanks for reading.  My researcher and I wish you the best in fitness and in health!

Compiled by: Guy Saywell,

Sometime writer, fulltime manager @TestoChecker Hormone Test Kits

NOTES: We plan on updating dosages soon. We also plan to vet the information provided here on an ongoing basis. We’ll do our best to keep it factually correct and hope that your contributions also help to make this archive solid.

Fact sources:

  • Wikipedia.org
  • National Center for Biotechnology Information
  • ScienceDirect

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