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TestoChecker®  provide ARTG registered Laboratory Testing Kits for the purpose of measuring the following:
  • Hormones in saliva
  • Vitamin D in serum
  • Toxic Metals in saliva/serum
  • Genetic characteristics [DNA] using serum
  • Food intolerance / sensitivity using serum
For optimal transport and testing of their saliva/serum sample(s). We advise strict adherence to the instructions provided. Modification of the sample collection kits or improper use resulting in contamination could negatively affect the test results and will void the manufacturer’s liability.
Responsibility for maintaining strict quality control during upon receiving the sample rests with TestoChecker® and its partner companies.
In the event of an error caused by TestoChecker® employees or its partners, a replacement Kit will be provided.
TestoChecker® also will remain liable for any mishandling of specimens during the laboratory testing process. However, the manufacturers liability will not exceed the cost of the Testing Kit.

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