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Personal Data Deletion Request

We hear you! You want (all) your personal data wiped from our records, like you were never here.

And we can do that.

How does it work?

Step 1. Head over to the Contact Page and add the title “Please remove my personal DATA” to the Form.

Step 2. In the message box, please add

  1. Additional name associated with your account, and
  2. Correct email address*, (the original email used for purchase)

Step 3. Send

You will receive an acknowledgement of your request, followed soon after by another email confirming your precious data has been removed.

Where is the Request Form?

We did provide a Request Form to complete here on this page, however it was used by nasty people to disrupt the website.

*Why would I have another email address?

Sometime we see tests purchased for a family member or similar. In those cases, the original email used at the time of purchase can be a different email used for delivery of the test results. We understand that both of those email addresses should be removed.


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