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Measurement Unit Conversion Calculator

For those people with old hormone test results or results from other laboratories using different measurement units, use the applicable Measurement Unit Conversion Calculators for conversion and comparison of your hormone test result.

Term Definitions further down.

Hormone test result Measurement Conversion Calculators

pmol/L > Ng/dl 

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pmol/L > Ng/ml 

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pmol/L > nmol/ml 

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Ng/ml to pmol/L 

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nmol/L > (multiple)

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Measurement Unit Terms / Definitions

  • pmol/L  – Picomoles Per Litre
  • Ng/dL – Nanogram/Deciliter
  • nmol/ml – Nanomole/Microliter
  • Ng/ml – Nanograms/Millilitre
Please note, the links to unit measurement convertor sites above were tested* 
and deemed suitable at time of inclusion. TestoChecker does not guarantee the 
accuracy of any calculators not 'hosted' by TestoChecker itself.
*Last checked 16.08.2022

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