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Measurement Unit Conversion Calculator

For those people with old hormone test results or results from other laboratories using different measurement units. Select the applicable Measurement Unit Conversion Calculator for conversions and comparisons, from the list below. The Green Tick indicates there have been no faults reported for the cosponsoring Unit Conversion Calculator.

Measurement Unit Convertor Accuracy – Caution

We perform bi-monthly accuracy assesments on each measurement unit convertor individually. However, TestoChecker accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of these 3rd party measurement unit convertors.  More about convertor accuracy and error reporting can be found further down this page.

Measurement unit terms / definitions can be found below the list.

pmol/L to Ng/dl  

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pmol/L to Ng/ml 

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pmol/L to nmol/ml 

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Ng/ml to pmol/L 

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nmol/L > (multiple)

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Convertor accuracy test shedule.

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Measurement Unit Terms / Definitions
  • pmol/L  – Picomoles Per Litre
  • Ng/dL – Nanogram/Deciliter
  • nmol/ml – Nanomole/Microliter
  • Ng/ml – Nanograms/Millilitre
Simple Courtesy

Providing the links to these tools is one way TestoChecker is helping people who are trying to help themselves. Self-health, self-service and the do-it-yourself philosophy are to be applauded, but there is a limit. Anyone feeling ill must see their doctor, or visit the local ED to be properly diagnosed.

Error reporting

Found an error in one of the Measurement Unit Conversion Calculator? Please let us know via the Contact Box. The last thing we wish to do it to provide a gateway misinformation.

More about the Accuracy of this link directory

The links to Measurement Unit Conversion Calculator sites above were tested* and deemed suitable at time of inclusion. TestoChecker does not guarantee the accuracy of any calculators not hosted by TestoChecker itself. *Last checked 10.02.2022

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