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Shipping and Returns FAQ

Q. What does TestoChecker’s Guarantee mean?

A. The entire process is guaranteed by TestoChecker. We guarantee the delivery of the kit to your door. We also guarantee the transportation of the sample to the laboratory. After purchasing a test kit, you can request your tracking ID for the test kit delivery. Responsibility for retaining the tracking ID of the sample package (returned to the lab) rests with the user.

Q. If I change my mind can I have a refund? 

A. Yes, simply return the unopened kit within 30 days. You will receive a full refund less the $10.50 shipping fee incurred by TestoChecker.

Q. What if delays occur with my samples trip to the lab?

A. If a Kit is lost by Australia Post, or a delay resulting in deterioration of the sample occurs, a replacement Kit will be supplied to you at no extra cost. Australia post are not perfect and delays occasionally occur. Just know that we won’t leave you stranded. In 2018 we introduced Sample to the Laboratory Tracking. We did this as we noticed our clients tended to stress about the samples journey. So at no extra cost, our clients are now tracking that journey rather than worrying, which is after all counter productive. 

Additional related questions:

Q. How Long Do I Have To Wait For Results?

A. Samples are analysed as soon as they arrive at the laboratory. Results are sent by secure email (.PDF file) as soon as testing is complete. Depending on which hormones are selected the total turnaround is between 5 and 11 working days. Note: Any results outside of normal range are re-tested for accuracy. This can add up to 3 days to wait time.

Q. Can I Choose To Send My Sample By An Alternate Mail Method?

A. Yes, whilst our return paid envelopes are faster than standard post, you may choose to use a courier of your choice. This may be helpful if you are rushing for a deadline. Please note that by selecting to use a private courier, the TestoChecker Guarantee will not cover for any loss.  The remainder of the process remains Guaranteed however.

Q. Why We Cannot Guarantee Samples Sent By Private Courier

A. If you select not to use our dedicated pre paid envelopes, which are fully authorised by Australia Post to carry biological samples like urine, saliva and blood, we won’t have the ability to track your sample. In effect, it is out of our hands. The remainder of the process remains Guaranteed if you do chose to use a private courier.

Q. What If I Complete My Collection On The Weekend?

A. We recommend you don’t use the kit on a weekend. Instead, wait for Monday morning to ensure the lab gets a fresh sample. However, if you have taken your sample on a weekend, it’s OK. Just store your sample(s) safely in the refrigerator, then send immediately Monday morning.

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