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What does TestoChecker’s Guarantee Cover?

A. The entire process is guaranteed by ​​TestoChecker®. We guarantee the delivery of the kit to your door. We also guarantee the transportation of the sample to the laboratory. After purchasing a saliva hormone test kit, (or any kit), you can request your tracking ID for the test kit delivery. When returning the sample to the lab, responsibility for retaining the tracking ID of the sample package rests with the user.


If I Change my Mind Can I Get a Refund?

A. Yes, ​​TestoChecker® understand that Buyers Remorse is a real thing. Simply return the unopened kit within 30 days. You will receive a full refund less the $11.50 shipping fee incurred by ​​TestoChecker®.


What if Delays Occur with my Sample’s Trip to the Lab?

A. The satchel used to return the sample to the lab has tracking ability included. We added tracking as we noticed our clients could become anxious about the sample’s journey to the lab. So at no extra cost, our clients can track the samples journey all the way.


Can I Choose To Send My Sample By An Alternate Mail Method?

A. Yes, whilst our return paid envelopes are faster than standard post, you may choose to use a courier of your choice. This may be helpful if you are rushing for a deadline. Please note that by selecting to use a private courier, the ​​TestoChecker® Guarantee will not cover for any loss.  The remainder of the process including the actual testing, remains Guaranteed however.


Why We Cannot Guarantee Samples Sent By Private Courier

A. Because they fall outside the jurisdiction of the postal cover insurance framework.


Why Does it Matter How a Specimen Sample Arrives at the Lab?

A. The only way for a lab to be absolutely sure that the specimen sample they received is in the condition it was first sent, is to have a documented [chain-of-event] delivery history for the specimen.  No testing can take place on a specimen without having arrived via the official transportation methods in place.

​​TestoChecker® includes a registered express return satchel with all ​​TestoChecker® test kits which is pre-assigned a dedicated ID for the transportation of human biological tissue. By doing it this way, the right way, the lab can see a time stamped documentation of the sample’s entire journey.

The cost of this service is covered by ​​TestoChecker®, and provided by Australia Post™.



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