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Sample ( to the Lab’ ) Tracking

Sample ( to the Lab’ ) Tracking

Why? Because we listened to your feedback and understood that the wait for your sample to arrive at the laboratory can be a nervous one.

On the 15.2.2019 we introduced Sample to the Lab’ Tracking as standard on all orders, with no increase in cost to the consumer.

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How it works:

To use the tracking feature you must follow these instructions:

  1. Inside your kit you will find a purple reply-paid envelope. On the front you will notice a large sticker which has a bar-code. Beneath and above this bar-code you will see a 23 character ‘AP Article ID’.
  2. To use the tracking feature after sending your item you must make a record of this number, either by taking a picture with your phone, or writing the number down.
  3. To monitor your sample, you need to visit the MyPost Delivery Tracker Here.
  4. Enter your AP Article ID and press Enter.
Why can I not see my item in the tracking results?

Australia Post only start to track items from the time the item arrives either at a post office or your local delivery center – if you placed it into a curb side post box it may take some time before you see anything on the tracking site.

How safe is the postal service?

Australia Post claims 95% of parcels are delivered on time or early, and this statistic reflects our own experience. But what of the other 5%? Some may receive their package a day or two late, others found that their package was at the local Post Office for unknown reasons.

What about the Kits delivery to my home, is that also tracked?

Yes, we will continue to offer tracking of the test kit(s) delivery in the standard cost. To retrieve your tracking ID, simply email a request to our support team.

What happens if my kit or sample does get lost by Australia Post?

It is rare that a package goes missing completely but it has happened in the past. Again, don't panic, if this happens to you, TestoChecker will provide a replacement Kit, and restart the process at no additional cost  to you. This Guarantee applies to the initial test kit delivery, and your samples trip to the laboratory.

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