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Melatonin Day / Night Bio-Health Test Kit


Sample Collection: 2 collections at both 12PM and 6AM. Detailed instructions supplied.

Fasting Required: No

Overview: When functioning correctly, our pineal glands release melatonin into the bloodstream at night time causing drowsiness. When not functioning correctly (broken), sleep may be disrupted or sporadic. Melatonin also regulates pathways central to the immune response while abnormal melatonin secretion alters the immune function. Testing your levels will reveal if your Melatonin levels are in sync with the day night cycle known as the circadian rhythm.

How It Works (Steps)

  • Purchase test, have it delivered to your doorstep. Tracking number available upon request.
  • Complete simple saliva sample collection and brief paperwork.
  • Mail back to our certified lab (reply-paid parcel included).
  • Samples analysed by NATA accredited laboratory.
  • Receive your results by secure .PDF.