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Melatonin Sleep Rhythm Test Kit


Melatonin hormone test (X2) 12AM and 6AM.


About this Hormone Test Kit:

Sample Collection: 2 sample collections at both 12AM and 6AM.

Results: Results in both chart and graph form.

Short Overview: When functioning correctly, our pineal glands release melatonin into the bloodstream at night time causing drowsiness. When not functioning correctly, sleep may be disrupted or sporadic. This can be a result of many possible factors including long term sleep disruption due to work, lifestyle or health. Melatonin also regulates pathways central to the immune response while abnormal melatonin secretion alters the immune function.

Why use this test? Results from the Melatonin Sleep Rhythm Test Kit will reveal if your Melatonin production is in sync with the day night cycle known as the ‘Circadian Rhythm’ or rather a Free Running State. Abnormal results may trigger further investigation and possible treatment.

Fasting Required: Yes – 1 hour. [Revised July 2019]

Instructions provided with all test kits.

This test is performed by NutriPATH®.

Alternate tests:

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Simple 3 Step Process:

  1.  Purchase test. Sent via Express Post same day Mon-Fri, <5PM AEST. Tracking number available on request.
  2.  Perform simple saliva sample collection as per instruction provided.
  3.  Post your sample and referral form back to the lab’ using the Express Post satchel. (Tracking included)

Receive your hormone test results by secure .PDF to your designated email address.


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