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How long does Saliva Hormone Testing take?

Updated: August/2020

How long does hormone testing take?

The advertised standard saliva sample test time is 10 working days although it is often quicker. There are variables which (can) affect that time, and here are some of those:

  • Re-testing is required only when the test results appear outside of the established “normal range”.
  • Test time commences the moment your sample reaches the laboratory.
  • Test time information is approximate, is subject to change and includes working days only.

Hormone testing wait time chart:

How long does hormone testing take?

TestoChecker partner laboratory hormone test time chart.

More: All results undergo three post-test quality control reviews, with the third review conducted by the laboratory Chief Scientist personally. This determines whether the calibrations and reference curves performed as programmed/expected.

More about Testing Standards can be provided upon request.

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