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Why​ ​Our​ ​Customers​ ​Love​ ​Us

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Put simply, Customer Satisfaction is the objective at TestoChecker®. They like to say that they ‘take the stress out of the test” as that’s been a clearly stated intention from the start, way back in 2016.

Highly recommend using their service if you're considering it.

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A quick peek at the Google Reviews ​​TestoChecker® has received to date shows exactly what their customers think of them so far. 

The reason for all of this great feedback is simple: ​​TestoChecker® focus on Customer Satisfaction.  

Affordability Focused

Since 2016, TestoChecker® has provided access to accredited* laboratory hormone testing at an affordable cost to Australian’s 18 years or over. No matter how remote the place of residence, Australian’s receive the same high quality of service people have come to expect of TestoChecker®.

Our Strategy is No Secret

The 2020 Local Consumer Review Survey conducted by BrightLocal™ highlighted how 89% of consumers look at reviews in the healthcare industry. Additionally, 87% of consumers believe reviews are important in the healthcare industry. So the method to our strategy is to continue to impress, or at least try out best.

Customer Satisfaction can of course be pro-active and at TestoChecker®, this involves avoiding delays or confusion, or both by reaching out with assistance before our Client even knows they need it.

Helping People Help Themselves

Testochecker's customer service was amazing.

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Experience has shown TestoChecker® that people want to be kept informed of the process, so we do just that. This process includes a series of carefully timed client-notifications.  It may be a proprietary secret but we don’t care, it needs to be explained. 

The TestoChecker® Support team will ..

  • Reach out when they receive an order.
  • Qualify any customized test attributes requested with the lab.
  • Notify clients when their test kit is sent.
  • Confirm the safe arrival of specimen sample(s) at the laboratory.
  • Ensure the results correspond with initial order.
  • Check to ensure correct results page formatting including charts/graphs.
  • Ensure the prompt release of test results upon completion, and..
  • Provide additional materials designed to assist when requested.
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    We ♥ our Job!

It’s a system that’s taken 5 years to perfect and it runs smoothly. We invite everyone to check it out for themselves. Ruling out hormone imbalance isn’t as difficult as it once was, so..

Why not put TestoChecker® to the test, today? 

If you have any questions get in touch via the Contact Page, we are always happy to assist!

Safety: Safety: Saliva hormone testing may be useful when investigating illness, but only as one investigative tool in a larger “toolbox”. If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or suspect you may have medical issues, see your GP or attend the nearest hospital for checkup.

*nutriPATH™ quality compliance is of a high standard, it includes:  NATA ISO 15189 – Requirements for Quality and Competence in Medical laboratories / BSI ISO 13485- Quality Management for Medical Services.

Revised 31.05.2023