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My Comprehensive DNA Profile


Genetic Wellness Testing From Home

My Comprehensive DNA Profile provides you with knowledge which can be used to improve quality of life. This type of genetic testing is called Nutrigenomic™ testing [more below] and begins by measuring a number of genetic markers. This data is used to generate a very detailed report of findings which is itself translated into a set of recommendations to help you achieve health and wellness. The myDNA® Comprehensive Wellness report is sometimes used to gain insight into the way our genes can influence:

  • How your body stores and processes dietary fats.
  • Your body size and weight.
  • Your ability to lose weight.
  • Your appetite and eating behaviours.
  • Your risk of having an abnormal cholesterol profile.
  • Your vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient needs.
  • Your sensitivity to specific tastes, foods and drinks.
  • Your power, endurance, recovery and injury risk when you exercise.

How is a sample provided?

DNA SWAB. [Very simple and painless. Potential issues: Dry mouth.

comprehensive wellness report

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What is the myDNA® Comprehensive Wellness Report?

The myDNA® Comprehensive Wellness Report is designed for
individuals looking to optimize their health and wellbeing.

The goal is to empower you to take more control in improving
your quality of life. This report can assist you in understanding
how your genes can influence:

  • Your body size and weight;
  • Your ability to lose weight;
  • Your appetite and eating behaviors;
  • How your body stores and processes dietary fats;
  • Your risk of having an abnormal cholesterol profile;
  • Your vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient needs;
  • Your sensitivity to specific tastes, foods and drinks; and
  • Your power, endurance, recovery and injury risk when you

Why use The Comprehensive DNA Profile?

Understanding your genetics can help bring you one step
closer to making more specifically suited health, wellbeing and
lifestyle changes. You and/or your healthcare practitioner will be able to make better
decisions going forward.

What are we testing?

As human beings, we all have the same set of genes, but small
variations within each of these genes make us different from each
other. These individual variations have also been shown to predict
certain aspects of your health. Analysis of such genetic variations
provides the basis for your report.


  • Weight, appetite and obesity
  • Fat storage
  • Body size and weight regain
  • Fat burning
  • Energy expenditure
  • Snacking and eating habits


  • Preference to bitter taste
  • Preference for sweet foods
  • Preference for fats and oils
  • Lactose persistence (dairy processing)


  • Caffeine cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Triglycerides
  • Antioxidant enzyme and blood pressure
  • Salt influence on blood pressure


  • Vitamin B9 needs
  • Vitamin B6 needs
  • Vitamin B12 needs
  • Vitamin a needs
  • Vitamin c needs
  • Vitamin d needs
  • Calcium, bone strength and stress fracture
  • Iron needs
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 processing


  • Muscle power
  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle energy
  • Endurance
  • Recovery time
  • Risk of soft tissue injury
  • Injury risk and flexibility

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How is myDNA® Comprehensive Wellness Report created?

DNA is extracted from the cheek sample provided
and analyzed at myDNA®, NATA accredited laboratory in
Melbourne, Australia.

Based on the available information found in the published
literature, each gene is assigned a category according to
the likely clinical significance.

The three categories are:

  1. Least favorable
  2. Less favorable
  3. Normal/favorable

It is important to note that this categorization does not relate to
the exact number of risk variants. For example, two risk variants
may only have a moderate influence on risk and be allocated a
less favorable finding (orange dot).

What are genetics and nutrigenomics?

  • Your DNA contains information that determines the
    characteristics that are with you at birth. These include hair and
    eye color, and other characteristics such as how you process
    nutrients. This genetic information affects you from the inside.
  • Your environment, nutritional intake, and lifestyle also play an
    important role. These factors affect you from the outside.
    The interaction between nutrients and genes is referred to as
  • Recent research has revealed the value of nutrigenomics testing
    for personal use. Individuals who are guided by their genetic
    profile are more likely to make sustainable, long-term and
    healthy changes to their lifestyle, including their diet and
    exercise behavior.

What are the recommendations based on?

  • Our recommendations are based on a rigorous review of all
    the current scientific literature that relates to your genetic
  • We have developed an Evidence Rating System that explains
    the quality of the relevant scientific findings.
  • We believe that this Evidence Rating System also provides
    scientific transparency as part of our commitment to you.
  1. ***** High levels of evidence available
  2. **** High-moderate levels of evidence available
  3. *** Moderate levels of evidence available
  4. ** Low-moderate levels of evidence available
  5. * Low levels of evidence available

For a complete description of the types of studies and the
evidence rating system used, submit a request here.

What are the limitations of the My Comprehensive DNA Profile report?

Each genetic marker tested is only one factor that predicts
the likelihood of a particular outcome. However, your
lifestyle, diet and the environment to which you are exposed
have an impact on the final effect predicted by your genes.
Such external factors cannot be taken into consideration in
this report. The information in this report doesn’t serve to diagnose
diseases or genetic defects, as it doesn’t predict the risk and
likelihood of certain genetic outcomes. It is also not intended
to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition or disease

Source: The above information is property of nutriPATH, it has been left unchanged [intro excepted] in order to provide only consistent and accurate information related to this test.  

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