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By TestoChecker.
Launch date: October 2021.


  • What is Tracker-T? It’s a Personal cloud-hosted, Testo-levels Tracking Chart.
  • How much does it cost? NOTHING.
  • How do I get one? Anyone who purchases our Testosterone test kit is assigned a Tracker-T ID, giving them access to their Personal ‘cloud-hosted testo levels on a tracker chart.


Introducing the new TestoChecker Tracker-T!


How does TestoChecker’s NEW Tracker-T work?


It’s a ‘live’ chart which tracks your testosterone levels and it’s updated each time you check your T-levels using the Testochecker testosterone test kit.


How is Tracker-T useful?


If you need us to explain that, this tool probably isn’t for you. 


Anyone who has used a Testochecker kit to establish a testosterone level baseline in fact has a valuable benchmark with which to compare subsequent test results. 

What many also know is that keeping track of that data can be a pain in the backside.


That’s why we introduced the Tracker-T! And it’s Free! 


I purchased a Testochecker testosterone test kit a while back, do I qualify for a Tracker-T?


Yes sir you do. We are in the process of creating and assigning Tracker-T ID’s to each and every client who purchased our Testosterone Test kit in the last 2 years. 


How will I know I have a Tracker-T ID?


We will let you know by email.  Please be patient as we have quite a bit of work ahead of us.  


What if I don’t want one? 


The feature can be disabled if you choose, or simply ask us to do it for you.


Tracker-T – Performance trumps aesthetic! 


Starting out with a somewhat humble appearance, your personal Tracker-T Chart will improve as we invest more time in its design. First and foremost for us is the accuracy of the information it displays. So repetitive testing of its performance has been undertaken prior to launch. Teething problems? We’ll learn from them.


 Message to existing clients – Keep a look out for your Free Tracker-T ID 

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