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  • What is it? It’s a testosterone level tracking web-app.
  • How much does it cost? It’s free.
  • How do I get one? By purchasing a hormone test kit from ​​TestoChecker® that includes testosterone.

Tracker_T™ – Getting it right.

Starting out with a somewhat humble appearance, your personal Tracker_T™ Web App will gain value should you decide to continue tracking your saliva Testosterone level.

complimentary gift to our clients and all new clients

The Tracker_T™ App is now bundled with all testo’ tests @TestoChecker®.

Tracker_T™ FAQ

How does it work?

It’s a simple line-chart you can access anytime from almost anywhere, that keeps a record of your testosterone results. We manually update it each time you re-test.

The ‘value’ of the data may increase as more data-points (results) are added to the chart time line.

How is Tracker_T™ useful?

If you need us to explain that, this tool probably isn’t for you. 

Anyone who has used one of ​​​​​​TestoChecker’s® Saliva Testosterone Test Kits to establish a testosterone level, in fact has a valuable benchmark with which to compare subsequent test results. For many busy Men, keeping track of that data can be a pain in the backside.

That’s why we introduced the Tracker_T™

How will I know I have a Tracker_T™ ID™?

We will let you know by email. Please be patient as we have quite a bit of work ahead of us.  Leave a message here if you wish to jump the queue. 

What if I don’t want one?

The feature can be disabled via the dashboard if you choose, otherwise ask us to do it for you by replying to the email. 

How safe is my information at ​​TestoChecker® and is the Tracker_T™ secure?

Very safe, as outlined in our Privacy Policy, ​​TestoChecker® is all in when it comes to adherence to data security best practice. Our Personal Data Deletion Tool can be used to request that all data related a person who has made a purchase in our Store is removed from our server.

Testosterone Tracking App
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Launched: Oct’2021 

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