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THE Testo Tracking App
Provided by TestoChecker®
Secured by LetsEncrypt™
[Launch date: October 2021]

  • What is it? It’s a testosterone level tracking app.
  • How much does it cost? It’s free.
  • How do I get one? By purchasing a testo test kit from TestoChecker.

TestoChecker is glad to announce the Tracker-T™ saliva testosterone tracking App is rolling out with new orders. We’re also working through the list of requests from established users of this service. We apologise to anybody who has been kept waiting.

Tracker-T™ – Getting it right.

Starting out with a somewhat humble appearance, your personal Tracker-T™ App should improve as we invest more time in its design. Of importance to us is the accuracy of the information it displays. So repetitive testing of its performance has been undertaken prior to launch. Privacy and security is another critical aspect of this new feature and you can read about that, and more below:

complimentary gift to our clients and all new clients

Everyone receives a Tracker-T™ when they purchase the Testo-test here at TestoChecker. Previous clients not forgotten either!

More on Tracker-T™

How does TestoChecker’s Tracker-T™ work?

It’s a simple line-chart you can access anytime from almost anywhere, that keeps a record of your testosterone results. We manually update it each time you re-test. Over time the value of the data could increase as the more data points, the bigger the picture in your testo tracking app. 

How is Tracker-T™ useful?

If you need us to explain that, this tool probably isn’t for you. 

Anyone who has used a Testochecker Kit to establish a testosterone level, in fact has a valuable benchmark with which to compare subsequent test results. For many busy Men, keeping track of that data can be a pain in the backside.

That’s why we introduced the Tracker-T™ 

[And we have more in store you could say, so be on the look-out.]

I purchased a Testochecker testosterone test kit a while back, do I qualify for the testo tracking app?

Yes you do. We are in the process of creating and assigning a Tracker-T ID to each and every client who purchased our Testosterone Test kit within the previous 2 years. 

I am still waiting for my Tracker-T? 

Stay patient, if you have put a request in, your  identification (pin) for accessing Tracker-T™ is on it’s way.

A special note to the impatient! Sending 4 requests is no more effective that sending 1 request. We have a duty to start with our ‘frequent flyers’, but also,  this task is done manually which whilst slow, ensures that no 3rd party application is used, outside of the destination (host) Google API. Read more about security further down.

How will I know I have a Tracker-T ID™?

We will let you know by email.  Please be patient as we have quite a bit of work ahead of us.  Leave a message here if you wish to jump the queue. 

What if I don’t want one? 

The feature can be disabled via the dashboard if you choose, otherwise  ask us to do it for you by replying to the email. Any profiles which have not been access at the 3 month mark will be permanently deleted (shredded) using the encryption software. 

How safe is my information at TestoChecker and is the Tracker-T secure? 

Very safe, as outlined in our Privacy Policy, TestoChecker is all in when it comes to adherence to data security best practice. The data presented by Tracker-T™ is actually hosted by Google but more importantly, the name, dob, and result (content), encrypted by LetsEncrypt™.

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