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Saliva Testing For Hormone Levels

The use of Saliva for Testing Hormones is widely accepted in the medical community as a reliable and accurate method to determine hormonal profile, providing a comprehensive snapshot of hormone production from multiple endocrine organs.

The endocrine organs, such as the sex organs (ovaries and testes), the adrenal glands, and the pineal gland (located in the brain), synthesize and secrete hormones into the blood stream which travel throughout the body to carry out various physiological functions.

Why Saliva? There are several benefits of using at home hormone saliva tests to identify hormonal imbalance. It is convenient, results are obtained quickly and self-initiated testing enables one to take control of their hormone balance and health.

The most palpable benefit of DIY Hormone Saliva Testing is the convenience. It requires minimal time, is non-invasive, doesn’t require making appointments with a GP and is affordable. The testing kit, including the referral form, is EXPRESS POSTED the same day to the nominated address and the delivery is guaranteed. Following the instructions provided a series of specimen samples are collected. The samples and the referral form are returned to the laboratory using the prepaid express satchel which is also provided with your test kit(s).

The desired hormones are measured in a laboratory and the results sent to you by secure PDF/email the moment that are available. A summary of each individual hormone reported is included with your results.

First-line test

Our hormones control many aspects of our health and, quite simply, how good we feel. Today, it has never been easier to take control of our healthy wellbeing and to be empowered not only through making the right lifestyle choices but taking steps to investigate why we don’t feel well and what can be done about it.

Persistent symptoms of hormone imbalance or deficiency may relate to feelings of fatigue, low mood, anxiety, loss of sex drive, irregular periods, and difficulty losing weight – the list goes on.

DIY at-home hormone saliva testing is a convenient and reliable way to obtain a first line indication of any underlying hormonal imbalance.

Tracking Hormones using Saliva

Do-it-yourself, at home saliva tests, provide a convenient way of keeping track of hormone levels when baseline or previous testing has already been done, or pre-existing conditions warrant regular measurements of hormone balance.

Monitoring of hormone balance could be required following interventions such as hormone supplementation or hormone replacement therapy, or to assess ovarian function or menstrual irregularities, or even to evaluate hormonal profiles following lifestyle changes.

Testing in such cases is a useful way to make sure hormonal balance is within the healthy or expected range.

Many of the hormones that regulate our physiology, including reproductive function or the ability to control stress are not steady-state, but fluctuate in a daily or monthly rhythm. At home hormone saliva testing permits a detailed assessment of true hormone levels at multiple points in time. 

Wide view observation of hormone behaviour

The multi-point saliva collection method provides a broader measure, allowing for a wider view and more thorough observation of the hormone secretion pattern. 

The hormones cortisol and melatonin are pulsatile and secreted in a daily Circadian Rhythm. Testing them involves saliva collections  at intervals throughout the day/night. The behaviour, or productivity of the hormone is recorded and the results coded into chart form for easy interpretation. 

These two ‘daily-cycle hormones’ are perfectly suited to saliva as a testing specimen (type). Why? Because we have the ability to collect the samples at all hours and without assistance.

With the androgens, i.e. testosterone, progesterone, the estrogens and precursor hormone DHEAs, it is the morning behaviour which is of interest. This is when these hormones should be most active.

  • Androstenedione
  • Testosterone
  • Estrogens
  • Progesterone and
  • Cortisol

..are for the most part locked down by binding proteins in the blood. In this state, the hormones are biologically inactive: the binding proteins prevent hormone overactivity by preventing the hormone attaching to its receptor.

Measuring the active hormone component

Only a small fraction of a hormone (~5%) is released by the binding protein for action, and it is this hormone fraction that is detected in saliva. Hormones secreted into the saliva are ‘free’, and give an accurate representation of biologically active hormone balance (levels) at the time of the test.

The latest analytical technologies in hormone-detection assays are used in the laboratory to yield highly precise and sensitive test results. This means that very low levels of hormones can be detected with an accurate read-out of hormone concentration. As such one saliva sample can be portioned across multiple hormone tests allowing for combined testing and providing a more comprehensive hormone profile that is provided in a single report.

The rigorous clinical diagnostic practices applied to salivary hormone testing provides accurate medical information that can be passed to your GP for more thorough investigations directed by your medical professional.

At ​​TestoChecker® your saliva samples are in safe hands. ​​TestoChecker® will only partner with NATA-accredited laboratories.

Credibility of the testing process

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) is an independent authority that assess and award accreditation status to laboratory facilities. Experts employed by NATA inspect multiple aspects of laboratory operations to ensure that data are high-quality, accurate and collected following Good Laboratory Practice guidelines.

NATA accreditation, which is endorsed by the Australian government, ensures that the laboratory is compliant with industry standards across Australia. At ​​TestoChecker®, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, reliable tests to the highest possible standards.

​​TestoChecker® can provide additional customization options upon request. One example of that is the ability to adjust the saliva collection times when checking cortisol behaviour.

​​TestoChecker® provides Australian’s with the ability to build their own hormone test kit. Using the Design Your Own Hormone Test tool is easy, and involves selecting the number of hormones, and then type, and finally the number of tests (toggle option).

The test kits provided by ​​TestoChecker® have a whopping 24mth used by date so there is no pressure to hurry.

Common questions about Saliva Hormone Testing.