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Testosterone Test Kit


Measuring the active (unbound) testosterone level using saliva.


This ARTG registered¹ ​​Saliva Testosterone Test kit is a convenient and affordable hormone test for those either curious or concerned about the active testosterone level.

Testing of the saliva sample takes approximately 5 business days, and is performed by nutriPATH™, an industry accredited² Australian laboratory in Melbourne.

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Simple 3 Step Process

  1.  Purchase the test, now sent via EXPRESS POST same day Mon-Fri, <5PM AEST.
  2.  Perform saliva sample collection as per the instructions provided.
  3.  Post the sample and included referral form back to the lab using the EXPRESS POST satchel provided.

That’s it!

Test results are emailed in .PDF format once testing of the sample has been completed.

Please note: Irregular test results undergo re-testing for clarification of the result, adding a further two working days to test time.

Testosterone Test Kit detail

  • Referral Form: Provided.
  • Measurement Unit: pmol/L.
  • Results include:
    • Coloured results coded graph.
    • Multiple age-ranges for comparison of the result.
    • Personalized summary.
    • Advice in cases where an irregular result is discovered.
  • Cost: $64.90, there are no additional fees or charges associated with this laboratory test.
  • Test Kit used-by-date: 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Included: Tracker_T™. A simple phone/web app that makes tracking testosterone easy.
  • When do I get my results? Approximately 5 business days from the samples arrival at the lab. Irregular results undergo re-testing, adding 2 days.
  • How do I get my results? We send them to you by secure .PDF email.
  • Alternative: 4 Pack’ – single hormone test kit bundle. 
  • Technical: ¹ARTG ID 325206 – Medical Device Included Class 1. SKU:T9906.

Questions we get asked about this test

This test is performed by ​​NutriPATH™ in Melbourne, Victoria. ​​

²NutriPATH™ quality compliance is of a high standard, it includes:

  • NATA ISO 15189 – Requirements for Quality and Competence in Medical laboratories.
  • BSI ISO 13485- Quality Management for Medical Services.

Saliva free testosterone is a more accurate measurement of testosterone. Serum testosterone relies on Albumin, Testosterone and SHBG to calculate free testosterone.

It is ‘Testosterone’ being tested using this test kit, and not ‘Thyroxine’. Thyroid hormones (TSH, FT4, FT3, RT3) cannot be tested from saliva. They are compounds of too great a Molecular Weight to pass across the membrane into the saliva.

This testosterone test kit is a single hormone saliva test and costs $64.90.  There are no other fee’s or charges associated with this test. 

Yes, utilizing top level laboratories for saliva testing of hormones in Australia requires formal written authority. The referral form is included with all test kits purchased from this store. 

Yes you can, it is referred to as at-home hormone testing. Saliva as a test specimen type has proven to travel well, maintaining viscosity for for up to 12 days.  Severe weather or work stoppages such as strike action can affect delivery time. Prior to testing of the saliva it will undergo a ‘viscosity test’ to be sure that the sample is of sufficient quality to endure the testing process.

*Measurement unit conversion tools provided by ​​TestoChecker® are third party owned, and provided as a courtesy. As such, ​​TestoChecker® does not guarantee the accuracy of them.

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  1. Torin Vanderschalk (Independantly Verified)

    Excellent and friendly service.The guys testochecker are committed to sorting out any issues you may have and they are prompt and deliver. Thanks guys!

  2. Sean M

    Really amazing service !! Michelle was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process, kept me updated all the time, responded quickly to my queries and followed up on my results. Thank you so much, I will be back!

  3. Mike S (Independantly Verified)

    Testochecker provides a fantastic service! Getting your hormones checked is SO important. Hormones are like the operating system in your computer. If there are bugs or issues with your operating system, your computer isn’t going to be very effective in doing its job. Having my hormones checked confirmed my suspicions that I had estrogen dominance, and for a man, that can have disastrous health consequences. I now have a plan to address this issue and get my hormones back in balance, which is totally manageable, but the first step is getting a test done to identify what the issue is in the first place. I plan to have a followup test done in several months time to see how I am tracking, then maybe 6-monthly or annual tests after that. I highly recommend Testochecker! Get your hormones tested now guys.

  4. Stuart Moore (Independantly Verified)

    Brilliant service. The staff I dealt with were fantastic, Communication throughout the whole process was great and turn around times for results was quick. Tests were explained well and easy to use. Definitely will be using this service again. Thanks guys. S. Moore

  5. Yaniv kahana

    TesoChecker have an amazing service and the process is very efficient and fast. Abbey was super helpful and informative!! Highly recommend.

  6. Wilson (Independantly Verified)

    Very satisfied with the services provided, especially the assistance received from Abbey. My every single question was replied with detailed info and great patience, they also helped me contact the lab when I’m not sure about my testing results. There’s no doubt that I will come back to purchase more testing kits in the near future, highly recommended. Wilson

  7. Nic J (Independantly Verified)

    This is the first time I have used a service like Testochecker and it was really easy. Instructions are clear and concise, material arrives promptly, customer service from Abbey was excellent. I will be using Testochecker again for sure.

  8. Matt Douglas (Independantly Verified)

    Very informative service with great follow up

  9. Chris Ong (Independantly Verified)

    It makes checking your T-Level at home a breeze and their customer service is what every online service company should emulate. A dedicated person, in my case Abbey Rocca, was assigned to my order from start to finish and the service was immaculate to say the least without exaggerating. Thanks Abbey.

  10. Lance Hughes (Independantly Verified)

    Got my testosterone levels checked. The sample kit came within a few days. After sending my sample back to them results came within a week. Very impressed with how quick the process was. 5 stars were earned when they gave me a personal phone call to discuss the results to make sure I understood what was in front of me.

  11. Thanh Nguyen (Independantly Verified)

    Great service AAA+

  12. Catmando Catmando (Independantly Verified)

    Excellent Service and great Customer support. Highly recommend..

  13. Aidan Reynolds (Independantly Verified)

    Very helpful communication on the product.

  14. Gabe D (Independantly Verified)

    After dealing with issues with my order, Guy went above and beyond spending a significant amount of time doing research, contacting the lab etc, to get me a resolution over a long period Service received from Guy was second to none, and is greatly appreciated.

  15. Paul Ahern (Independantly Verified)

    Excellent service guiding me to ensure I select the correct test. Detailed analysis with the results. I was a little unsure of what tests I required but I received very prompt support. I highly recommend the team for all your required analysis.

  16. Frank S (Independantly Verified)

    Happy with the service. Will use again.

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