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DIY Hormone Testing in Australia

Testing hormones in Australia was once a tricky prospect. Finding a GP who was willing to investigate potential conditions like adrenal irregularity or Cushing’s disease, or to simply help rule out hormonal imbalance proved too difficult for most. 

“Sorry, no referral no hormone test”

This reluctance on the part of GP’s however provided a boost to naturopathic practitioners who welcomed the opportunity to provide by-the-hour consultations which would include the vital paperwork (referral) necessary to perform laboratory hormone testing in Australia.

The misconception that we needed practitioners to have our hormones tested was reinforced over time. In essence, practitioners who had correctly associated ‘Hormone Health’, to our ‘Wellbeing’, held the key to hormone testing in Australia.

naturopaths writing hormone test referral

“I’ll arrange the hormone testing, and we’ll schedule you in for another visit!”

It is the view of TestoChecker® that some people have sought the assistance of practitioners reluctantly, and the sole reason for doing so was to obtain the otherwise elusive Pathology Referral Form. Note we use the word “some”, as many others would disagree. Nonetheless, it’s a point worthy of consideration in our view.

You guessed it right, DIY hormone testing saves money

In case you missed the point here: DIY hormone testing saves money by not having to pay your own practitioner to arrange the referral form. 

DIY hormone testing post

TestoChecker’s one stop – one cost, self service DIY hormone testing platform.

DIY hormone testing in Australia is about taking the first step ourselves (and saving money), beginning our own investigations which will form part of our unique electronic health data should we wish. Sure, any irregularity discovered can and should be discussed with suitably qualified specialist healthcare practitioner. But can we really justify the expense of including them unless we do actually have a problem?*

Contact-Free DIY hormone testing service in Australia

In the modern world of Digital Health, people are increasingly empowered. DIY hormone testing in Australia has taken off in recent years due in large to the current direct access, self service platforms like TestoChecker. If you’re considering DIY hormone testing and you reside in Australia, save money and do it safely with the 100% Contact-Free DIY hormone testing facilitator, TestoChecker!

do it yourself - DIY

Do-it-Yourself but do it safe!  Always report irregularity and get suitable advice.

TestoChecker® provide a one stop, one cost, self service model connecting people to quality pathology here in Australia. Utilising Australia Express Post to send the test, and the sample(s). All completely Contactless and with the Item Delivery Guarantee.

Coronavirus [COVID19] is still a concern and any opportunity to reduce or minimize unnecessary personal contact outside of your immediate family and friends is considered wise. DIY hormone testing in Australia is completely Contact-Free using TestoChecker®. That means no traveling, no appointments, no dropping anything off to a collection center! This is truly Contact-Free Trading.

NO! – DIY Doesn’t stand for Don’t Need Doctors

The point often made by Doctors themselves is that we may actually see too much of them already. DIY saliva hormone testing is one investigation most of us have the skill to undertake ourselves anyhow. In many cases, such as for those people living in remote areas of Australia, it’s the only way. 

doctors traditionally reluctant to investigate hormone health

GP’s for the most part appear disinterested in hormone assessment.

Who can we trust & for what? We can trust our family doctor will be there in the event we find hard evidence of hormonal imbalance. We can trust the National Association of Testing Laboratory’s [Accreditation] [NATA] experts will enforce Lab adherence to the ridiculously high standards one would expect. Likewise, you/we/they/he can trust TestoChecker to monitor the lab-test-process while your hormones are being analysed.

You see, while customer service may not be the priority for a laboratory, it most certainly is for us here at TestoChecker Hormone Test Kits®. We invite you to test us out!

Thanks for reading.

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*Please note, that this does not apply to a person who is unwell, or sick. Anybody experiencing illness or unexplained headaches, stomach pain, stool irregularity or dizziness must seek help at their nearest emergency room or medical center.

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