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Multi Resistant Staphylococci Test (MARCoNS)


MARCoNS is a multiple antibiotic resistant staphylococci residing deep within the nasal passage. It’s often seen in biotoxin illness and a marker of low MSH.

Why don’t we like MARCoNS? MARCoNS produce biofilms which negatively impact immune defenses and make fighting infection that much harder. Production of biofilm via yeast, bacteria and mould can explain symptoms of chronic nasal (sinus) congestion and inflammation. 

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What will this test reveal? 

To see if antibiotic resistant staphylococci is present in the upper nasal passage.


By testing sensitivity to many widely available antibiotics, like Methicillin, and some that are not as common. 

Multi Resistant Staphylococci test – Detail

Collection method: MARCoNS nasal swab.

Test time: About 7 business days.

Contact free: Yes

Express Post: Yes, tracking included.

Referral: Provided

Results: Include results coded coloured chart and summary by the lab.

Antibiotic resistance is recorded as either:

  1. S – Sensitive
  2. I – Intermediate
  3. R– Resistant

A confirmed detection (MARCoNS result) requires two or more ‘confirmations’ from the approximately 30 antibiotic variants included.  The ‘confirmation’ may be either Intermediate or Resistant, and is irrespective of the amount recorded.*

Contact-free = NO appointments + NO travel! 

Simple 3 Step Process:

  1.  Purchase test. Sent via Express Post same day Mon-Fri, <5PM AEST. Tracking number available on request.
  2.  Perform the specimen collection as per instruction provided.
  3.  Post your sample and referral form back to the lab’ using the Express Post satchel. (Tracking included)

Test results are sent by secure .PDF to your designated email address. 

Order before 5PM for same day delivery!


  • Specimen: Nasopharyngeal Bacterial Culture
  • Test method: MALDI-TOF 
  • Test ARTG: 325206
  • Test SKU: T5008

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Source cited:

*(Ref: Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, 05/09/2014)


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