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Updates | NSW. S.A. W.A. VIC residents

Important Changes To Pathology Collection and Testing

The following is a brief description of significant changes we have implemented in NSW, S.A, W.A and VIC.

The big change affects the way DHEAs, progesterone, the estrogens and testosterone [AKA. the androgens] are collected and tested, and this ultimately benefits our clients.

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Multi-Point Saliva Collection Method


 1. New Multi-Point Saliva Collection Method


We are increasing the number of samples collected, to get a bigger picture, at the same cost to you.  Where we once relied on a single saliva sample to test these hormones, i.e. Testosterone, the Estrogens, [precursor] DHEAs and Progesterone, we will now utilize several samples, spread over two hours. We call this the Multi Point Saliva Collection Method [MSM].


How Many Saliva Samples are Tested?

Androgens: The number of samples required for our NEW tests can vary, but is usually five. These five samples are to be collected into separate tubes over a two hour period, i.e. one sample every 30 minutes, preferably commencing in the early morning, 30 minutes after waking. All five samples are used to test your hormone levels, creating a final, more credible result.

Advantages Of MSM for Salivary Hormone Analysis

Most androgen hormones are pulsating, meaning they are produced in bursts or fluctuating patterns. With the sample collection now spread over 2 hours [MSM], the laboratory can get a 'wide view' of this pattern, providing a more valid final result for interpretation.


Please note: Tests which include Cortisol or Melatonin, or both, have not changed. This is because these hormones already benefited from MSM.


2. 900 Collection Bases


To ensure the integrity of your samples, they must be delivered, within 36 hours of being collected, to a specimen collection center.  There are 900 collection centers in handy places in NSW, WA, SA and VIC. That number is increasing all the time.               


Tests which include Cortisol and Melatonin involve various numbers of saliva collections (from 2-4) depending on the individual test. To see more go to the specific test description.




Good laboratories are continually looking for improvements based on current research. Changes to methods or protocols are not made overnight and are the result of diligent research, peer review and data analysis. This considered change has been made by Australian Clinical Labs in accordance with the overall objective of the testing laboratory:


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