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Male Baseline Hormone Panel


Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEAs, Cortisol X 2 (AM), Estrone, including Ratios.


The Male Baseline Hormone Panel includes 2 saliva collections in the morning beginning with 30 minutes from waking, and again one hour after that (waking +30, +90).

Expiry date: 12 months from purchase.

Laboratory: NutriPATH™.

Hormones tested:

  • Estradiol (E2)
  • Testosterone (unbound)
  • DHEAs
  • Cortisol X 2 (waking +30, +90)
  • Estrone (E1)


Test results include:

  • Individual hormone summaries
  • Coloured results coded graph
  • DHEA/Cortisol ratios
  • Comparison charts for age and gender
  • Test Result Summary
  • Clinical advice where irregularity is discovered

MORE: Additional Age Range Reference Chart for saliva testosterone will be sent by email from ​​TestoChecker® right after your test results. This highly valuable, proprietary data, is the result of over 10 years of clinical research carried out by the same lab performing the testing.

This means even more value for our Valued Clients.

Simple 3 Step Process:

  1. Purchase the test, have it delivered to your doorstep. Tracking number available on request. Now sent via Express Post
  2. Perform the sample collections and complete the included referral form.
  3. Post your samples and referral form back to the lab’ using the Express Post satchel. Tracking included.

You will receive your hormone test results by secure .PDF at your designated email address.

Why use this test?

This is a useful test for people who seek reassurance that these hormones are functioning correctly. The test results can be compared to the age range reference chart supplied. If an imbalance is detected follow up can be arranged. Slight cortisol irregularity may be corrected via changes to lifestyle and diet.

Why test Cortisol?

Two saliva samples are collected soon after waking when we anticipate cortisol is at its most active. An increase in cortisol output between these two samples by approximately 35-60% above the waking value may be observed. This is an important hormonal event as we need this boost to power-up and prepare us for the day ahead.

Malfunctioning cortisol productivity can disrupt sleep and is also associated with behavioural changes manifesting in a reduced capacity to handle stressful situations, and in some cases, spontaneous aggression.

Why test Estrone?

The role of estrone (E1) in men has recently been acknowledged as under-appreciated and is currently under study.  Men who have endured prostate cancer treatment (testosterone lowering medication regimen) are advised to monitor estrone as it has the potential to rise. An elevated estrone (not estradiol as previously thought) level is now known to be commonly associated with both incidental and existing diabetes in older men, as it is in women (I).


Our levels of estradiol, testosterone, and DHEA-S typically lower as a man ages, whereas high cortisol levels can hasten symptoms associated with ageing. In some men, estradiol levels fall with age but in others they actually increase. Hormone testing is used to identify hormone irregularity and for this multi-point test, saliva is perfectly suited.

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Source: I – 1. Chang AM, Halter JB. Aging and insulin secretionAm J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 2003;284:E7–E12

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