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Laboratory: BeFunctional Labs® [Australian Clinical Labs].

Multi Point Saliva Collection 

updated – 10.05.2020

Australian Clinical Labs Issues Test turn around time (TAT) Warning!

Unfortunately, the valued laboratory performing this test type has currently flagged a TAT Warning’. A warning can be issued in the event that a delay is expected, or when quality assurance testing indicates a machine used for testing needs maintenance.

Each of the hormones are tested using specific tools, and so a machinery shut down may only affect a single (1) hormone’s test turn around time (TAT). In this case, Progesterone is not able to be tested at this time at Australian Clinical Labs. We anticipate the resurrection of progesterone testing at ACL in 2021 and look forward to assisting fans of MSM in the future.


If you would prefer to Mail your Sample Back to the lab you can.  Contact Free Hormone Testing is now available in all States and Territories.         


We Love Australian Clinical Labs !!

Good laboratories are continually looking for improvements based on current research. Changes to methods or protocols are not made overnight and are the result of diligent research, peer review and data analysis.  When it comes to diligence and meticulous detail, Australian Clinical Labs is up at the center scrum of its industry. ACL is more than a good laboratory, it’s teams of enthusiastic staff, and the groundbreaking research accomplaishe dmake them desirable to work alongside.

No matter what, TestoChecker will continue to provide it’s service to it;s appreciated clients in 2021 and beyond. From all of us at TestoChecker, have a wonderful Christmas.

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