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Please note that there are different laboratories used depending on State. The default sample collection for a State refers to the number of saliva samples required per test.

QLD, A.C.T and TAS – Default sample collection for the androgens, i.e. testosterone, DHEAs, progesterone and the estrogens, involves providing a single saliva sample. Stress hormones cortisol and melatonin are collected at multiple time-points for observation of the hormones behaviour.

TestoChecker can arrange unique test configurations in most cases. Use the Design your own test kit tool, and adjust the number of tests by toggling the “Quantity” input field.


Sending your Sample to THE LAB


In your state unlike some, you can still post your sample(s) back to the laboratory. The big news here is that we now use Private Courier Overnight EXPRESS traceable delivery for safe return of your sample(s).


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