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Are Blood Tests Free in Australia?

Will my private health fund cover blood test costs? Will Medicare pay for my blood test? How much do blood tests cost? Are blood tests free in Australia?  Before running out to request a pathology test it’s worth knowing what you’re in for becuase the reality is,…

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What are the Types of Testosterone Treatment? [Archive]

Welcome to the ever evolving Prescription Anabolic Steroid by Type & Brand | Archive. Here you’ll find the Brand Names of injectable, buccal, gel, patch, capsule and even pellet form testosterone. To contribute or point out our mistake(s), please slip us a message here.   In Types…

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The Female Active Hormone Test, Why Use It?

My name is Guy Saywell, manager at Testochecker. I am about to describe various uses for The Female Active Hormone Test which can be ordered and performed from home, contact-free.  Before I do though, if you’re considering testing fertility hormone health in preparation for pregnancy,  TestoChecker’s G2…

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) using testosterone gel.

What Men Should Know About Testosterone Supplementation

Testosterone, it has been heralded as the elixir of youth; it is the hormone that declines with age and the hormone that we need more of to enhance our physical performance. But questions exist if any of these statements are really true and, importantly, if testosterone supplementation...
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DIY Hormone Testing in Australia

Testing hormones in Australia was once a tricky prospect. Finding a GP who was willing to investigate potential conditions like adrenal irregularity or Cushing’s disease, or to simply help rule out hormonal imbalance proved too difficult for most.  “Sorry, no referral no hormone test” This reluctance on…

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Disclaimer: TestoChecker® has been supplying cortisol test kits since 2016 and we have learned how to manage test requests in a way that minimizes the effort required on our client's part. This Post explains the How's & Why's of saliva cortisol testing for anyone curious, and we...
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How Custom Sleep Patterns Confuse our Hormones

The curtains may be drawn and the fan providing the white-noise, but something’s missing, sleep! A person recently moaned to this writer that they were “so busy that they couldn’t sit down for fear of falling asleep”. Another admitted to falling asleep on the toilet after being…

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The ABC’s of Cushing’s Disease

Both Cushing’s Disease, and Cushing’s Syndrome have highly technical descriptions involving the use of names, terms and words foreign to most of us. Put in plain-speak, they relate to excessive ACTH production which we explain in simple terms below. We have prepared this post with readability in…

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What’s in Sustanon 250 and Deca Durabolin?

Is Deca Durabolin sold legally in Australia? What should be in a Sustanon 250mg/ml Injection? ..and while we’re there, the possibly life saving..Are There Really Peanuts in DECA-D? Sustanon 250 and Deca Durabolin, the Bad Boys of the Class These two bad boys have been kicking up…

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Big Pharma and Testosterone – The Struggle Continues

Andropause – Big Pharma’s Boost Still Hasn’t Arrived The global hormone replacement therapy market is huge. Expanding at an annual growth rate of 7.7%, it’s on path break the 50 billion Australian dollar mark in 6 years time [2027]. Now more than ever, all genders are contributing…

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