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What are the Banned or Discontinued Testosterone Treatments? [Archive]

Banned or Discontinued Testo’ Boosters (ester) | Archive

Brief History of Synthetic Testosterone 


The December 1945 edition of Business Week didn’t miss the mark –

….of all the sex hormones, testosterone is said to have the greatest market potential.

The prospects must have had the erstwhile entrepreneurs of the day exited, maybe doing-the-Jive in their victory suits???? . The world sure has changed since then, but one thing you can bank on being there for eternity, is the confidently presenting Entrepreneur, speaking that holistic-health-language they share. Whatever the ailment or need, they’ve got the solution in a pill and the protein shake to activate it.

As it turned out, those pioneering “healthologists” couldn’t have been more wrong though. From a commercial standpoint, early favorite testosterone was completely eclipsed by the comparatively unheard of (back then at least) estrogenic hormones over the next 80 odd years.

And counting…


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For a century now, Big Pharma and Low Entrepreneurs have exploited the natural power of testosterone to separate Men from their ‘hard earned’. The tighter the authority’s grip on the legal sale of steroids, the more established the Black Trade becomes. History can and does repeat as we know all to well. To say we have seen many brands come and go would be an understatement. 

Originally to be titled, The Archive of Discontinued Anabolic Steroids, it’s deeper than mos and it took some time to compile (i.e. copy from other locations).

If you don’t see the what you’re looking for in the main lists, check out these two lists further down:

  • Rarely seen Testosterone esters / brand
  • Super rarely seen Testosterone esters


Discontinued Testosterone Oil Solutions / Brands


Frequent news reporting of the damage caused by testosterone oil solutions to sporting legends finally brought about change. Below you will find a list of androgen / anabolic steroid Brands which got the chop due to being deemed unfit for humans.

Outside of a limited number of private compounding pharmacies, they’re only found on the Black Market.


Duratest injection.

Duratest injection. Too dangerous for the gym.

– Discontinued Testosterone propionate oil Brands


      • Synandrol®


– Discontinued Testosterone cypionate oil Brands


      • Andronate®
      • Dep Andro®
      • Dep Test®
      • Depostomead®
      • Depovirin®
      • Durandro®
      • Duratest®
      • Pertestis®
      • Testa-C®
      • Testadiate Depo®
      • Virilon IM®
Image of product. injectable solution Virilon IM®

Virilon IM® bit the dust too.


– Testosterone undecanoate Brands


      • Panteston®
      • Undecanoate 250®


– Testosterone enanthate/estradiol valerate oil Brand


      • Ditate-DS®


Discontinued doesn’t mean impossible to obtain, as compounding chemists are able to provide them with the right prescription. What this means is that for a reason, usually some form of pressure, patent owners of the Testosterone Oil Solutions took the decision to shelve them.


> What’s in Sustanon *250* and Deca Durabolin <


Next up, these anabolic steroids remain available in at least one formulation, but the Brand Names are history:


Undecanoate 250® injectable solution. Not for sale.

Undecanoate 250®, long gone.

Discontinued – Oral & Buccal testosterone Esters & Brands


Androgen type Testosterone esters (see below) including oral, buccal, and/or sublingual (delivery) testosterone are no longer available in the United States or Australia. Copy-Cats are rife, especially in Thailand, India and now Pakistan. But also France, Belgium, England, Estonia, you get the idea…

These are not testosterone treatments most of us have even heard of. In some cases it was the ester type which was discontinued, and of course when that happens, the brands which contained that ester have to fold. Yes, people can still get them legitimately. Compounding pharmacists still have the power to create these generic testosterone types on prescription.

Many of the Brand Names we saw marketing them are now part of gymnasium folklore.


Testosterone Ester > Discontinued Brand Name

– Methyltestosterone Brands


      • Virilon®


– Oxymetholone Brands


      • Anadroyd® 
      • Anasterona® 
      • Anasteronal® 
      • Anasterone® 
      • Androlic® 
      • Androyd® 
      • Hemogenin® 
      • Nastenon® 
      • Oxitoland® 
      • Oxitosona® 
      • Oxyanabolic® 
      • Oxybolone® 
      • Protanabol® 
      • Roboral® 
      • Synasterobe® 
      • Zenalosyn®


– Ethylestrenol Brands


stromba stanazolol tabs

Stanazolol tabs by Stromba

      • Duraboral® 
      • Fertabolin® 
      • Maxibolin Elixir® 
      • Orgabolin®   
      • Orgaboral®
      • Virastine®


– Stanozolol Brands


Stanozolol’s too hot to touch. It’s reputation impacted negatively by the Sports Doping scandals of the past. Anyone remember Biogenesis?


      • Anaysynth® 
      • Stanol®
      • Stromba® 
      • Strombaject® 
      • Tevabolin®
Stanazol packaging blog post veterinary steroids

– Yes, for those that don’t know humans used #Stanazol against advice.




      • Stanabolic®
      • Sungate®
      • Stargate®
      • Stanazol®


– Androstanolone Brands


Androstanolone is thought to be only effective as injection. Now trading under the Brand name ‘Andractim®’. Brands which have come and gone include:


      • AndroGel-DHT® in France, Belgium, Luxembourg
      • Androlone®, Apeton®, Gelovit® in Estonia
      • Neodrol®, Ophtovital® in Denmark
      • Pesomax® in Italy
      • Stanaprol® somewhere.


What is a Synthetic Testosterone Ester? 


In simple speak, it’s all about enhanced absorption and increased power. Esters are a mechanism used for improving drug delivery to the body. Esters create the right environment for optimal drug absorption into the tissues making them more efficient.

The theory behind the use of synthetic esters is sound, that is that when delivery is optimized, the user requires less amount of a drug, resulting in fewer or reduced negative side effects. Synthetic testosterone esters are also known as Anabolic-androgenic steroids. People fighting breast cancer benefit from the additional power of testosterone esters, as do those suffering from osteoporosis and anemia.

But we’re not here to discuss that, let’s look at the lesser known Brands of Anabolic Steroids that are discontinued.


Rarely seen Anabolic Steroids / brands

Testosterone Type > Brand Names Rarely Seen


– Testosterone acetate –

      • Aceto-Sterandryl®
      • Aceto-Testoviron®
      • Amolisin®
      • Androtest A®
      • Deposteron®
      • Farmatest®
      • Perandrone®

– Testosterone cyclohexyl propionate –

      • Andromar®
      • Femolone®
      • Telipex Retard®
      • component of Trioestrine Retard®

– Testosterone enanthate benzilic acid hydrazone –

      • component of Climacteron®
      • Testosterone furoate –
      • Furotest®

– Testosterone hexahydro benzoate –

      • Sterandryl Retard®
      • component of Trinestril AP®
      • Testosterone hexahydro benzyl carbonate –
      • Lontanyl®

– Testosterone hexyloxy phenyl propionate –

      • Andradurin®

– Testosterone ketolaurate –

      • Androdurin®
      • component of Testosid-Depot®
      • component of Klimanosid R-Depot®

– Testosterone nicotinate –

      • Bolfortan®
      • Linobol®

– Testosterone phenylacetate –

      • Perandren®
      • Androject®

– Testosterone phosphate –

      • Telipex Aquosum®

– Testosterone undecylenate –

      • component of Durasteron®
      • component of Triolandren®

– Testosterone valerate –

      • component of Deposterona®
      • component of Triolandren®


Super rarely seen Anabolic Steroids 


These poor dudes don’t have a Brand, but they have been licensed for intended use of some kind:


      • Poly Testosterone phloretin phosphate
      • Testosterone 17β
      • Testosterone acetate butyrate
      • Testosterone acetate propionate
      • Testosterone benzoate
      • Testosterone butyrate
      • Testosterone diacetate
      • Testosterone dipropionate
      • Testosterone formate
      • Testosterone isovalerate
      • Testosterone palmitate
      • Testosterone phenylbutyrate
      • Testosterone stearate
      • Testosterone sulfate


The Testosterone ester that’s too hot to touch: (Still bloody pending)


There seems to be ‘no-taker’ when it comes to development of this mysterious testosterone type, or is there? In our next post in the series on Testosterone we’ll take a closer look at Testosterone suspension, and how it changed the game, almost destroying it.

So look out for that. Thanks for reading.

Author: Guy Saywell,

Sometime writer, full time manager @TestoChecker Hormone Test Kits, Chatswood, NSW, Australia. Revised 05.05.2023