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Vaginal Microbiome Profile


Reporting beneficial bacteria, opportunistic/commensal bacteria, yeasts and STI’s. Includes pH. View sample test report.


At-home Vaginal Microbiome Mapping

With proper care taken, the Vaginal Microbiome Profile test can be done alone in the privacy of the home. Having a practitioner assist with both the interpretation and application of the findings can be a good idea, especially in cases where an irregularity is revealed.


What can Vaginal Microbiome Mapping reveal?

The Vaginal Microbiome Profile utilizes advanced lab-tech’ to detect and measure minute DNA traces and even remnants of:

Redacted test results for the Vaginal Microbiome Profile.

Click to view.

  • beneficial bacteria,
  • opportunistic/commensal bacteria,
  • yeasts,
  • STI’s and
  • ph level

The extensive test report (see below) for the Vaginal Microbiome Profile will highlight any areas where action is needed and includes practical, actionable advice designed to assist the user.


Test detail 

Test method: qPCR. (Quantitative PCR)

Laboratory: ​​Analysis performed by nutriPATH™. 

Collection method: Vaginal swab.

Referral: Provided

Test time: 10 business days.

Results include: [see sample report]

Contact free: Yes.

Delivery: Express Post with tracking.

Technical: ARTG: 322569, SKU: T5004


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Simple 3 Step Process:

  1. Purchase test. Sent via Express Post same day <5PM [AEST] Mon-Fri.
  2. Perform the specimen collection as per instruction provided.
  3. Post your sample and referral form back to the lab’ using the Express Postsatchel. (Tracking included)

Test results are sent by secure .PDF to your designated email address once ​​TestoChecker® have completed some basic checks. 




Safety: If you’re confused about the purpose of this test, we advise you not purchase it but seek suitably qualified face to face support.



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