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Which Hormones are Essential to Fitness?

To maximize benefit from exercise, the right hormone balance is essential. Why? Because our hormones control numerous aspects of our physical well being. Hormones affect our energy levels, mood, sleeping patterns, cell repair, metabolism, bone and muscle strength making them essential for peak fitness.

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Moon and Sun, melatonin test and cortisol test ,

Sleep Disruption – What is Melatonin trying to tell us?

In this post we look at two hormones with opposite agendas, and how their workplace spat could be costing us precious sleep. According to the University of Adelaide, 33-45% of  Australian adults are citing inadequate sleep as negatively affecting their performance during the daytime. Is this getting...
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weight gain and hormones

The Relationship Between Hormones and Weight Gain

The Relationship Between Hormones and Weight Gain Rates of obesity have tripled over the last quarter century, with our more sedentary lifestyles and easy access to food (of all types) copping most of the blame. While no-one is arguing that these lifestyle factors don’t play a significant…

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Women with adult pimples

Adults & Acne: An Adult Affliction

Adults & Acne: An Adult Affliction ACNE Adults & Hormone Signals Acne is an affliction that is part of the course for most adolescents. During teenage years hormones are in upheaval in both sexes; the brain is signalling to the ovaries and testes that it’s time to…

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Testosterone replacement best practice

What Men Should Know About Testosterone Supplementation

  The male sex hormone testosterone has been heralded as the elixir of youth; it is the hormone that declines with age and the hormone that we need more of to enhance our physical performance. But questions exist if any of these statements are really true and,…

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Hormone testing for ovulation

The ups and downs of hormone balance in fertility

Having a baby is a life-changing event, but the journey to get there can sometimes be filled with bumps. Even before trying to conceive, many couples planning for pregnancy will look for ways to improve their health and wellbeing ahead of time. Extra trips to the gym,…

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