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What are they buying? Black Market Steroids in 2021

Naturally, there will always be a Black Market and especially when we see a government crackdown. As the front man for the Dead Kennedy’s Jello Biafra once said, “For every prohibition you create, you also create an underground.”

So which is the most counterfeited anabolic steroid? How do you spot a fake? Do Black Market Steroids actually contain…eh, Steroids?

All will be revealed, without ad breaks. So read on…


Are Black Market Steroids the real thing? 

Looking at the capsule, tablet or liquid, it’s impossible to tell if we’re looking at the real deal. Increasingly sophisticated, black market dealers sell glossy counterfeit products virtually impossible to tell apart from the real thing.



-Blog-TestoChecker. What are they buying? Black Market Steroids in 2021 


A huge bust in Germany a few years back gave insight into the previously shadowy black market steroid industry. It turns out (surprise surprise) medicines sold underground in Europe as ‘steroids’ may contain alternatives which are cheaper. An example is when nandrolone is substituted for the cheaper testosterone, making the dealer more profit.


blog post imagery.blackmarketisdangerous

Putrific conditions on display in the Black Market.


The general rule of mail order applies here too. The more valuable the steroid, the more likely it will be a copy, or contain cheaper substitute testosterone. When ordering the far less expensive testosterone (think gel/patch etc), there is a better chance of receiving exactly what you paid for. Not that we recommend doing that, of course.

An Industry in Repair

These days it’s a lot easier to spot a fake using the tips below coupled with common sense. It’s not as though the fakers got slack with packaging though, oh-no!. 


selling steroids illegally is an offense

Punishment awaits those who trade in black market steroids.


Big Pharma is fighting back hard. It understood 20 years ago that the black market wasn’t just smashing their bottom line, their reputations were being whacked too. Both the public and the health authorities had Big Pharma in their crosshairs. The growing Black Market steroid trade was damaging the health of those engaged with it. 

Not only serious cardiovascular harm, but the less obvious psychological damage though dependency.


Illegal Steroid shipment seizure blog image

Illegal steroid seizure. Source: S.A Police


How to spot genuine Steroids from fake Steroids?

Just like Oxycontin, liquid injectable steroids are now barcoded, meaning every ampule has its own ID.  It’s an advanced security measure. 

Let’s say you were looking right now at an ampule of genuine product, you’d see its identification (Lot reference number) laser printed onto the side, clear as crystal. The fake ampule will have a similar ID number, but it’s been applied using a silk-screening’ technique. It’s like it hasn’t had the ‘backdrop’ taken out.


view of a black market lab

                                                       The lovely putrid stench of the black market on display in Pakistan.

Check the packaging:

A tell-tale sign you’re holding a counterfeit product is when the information sheet is missing or poorly formatted.  It’s also worth checking the packaging exterior, as there can also be indications there. Look to see if the manufacturer has covered a plain box in stickers of various purposes. 

Genuine medicinal manufacturers will use custom-designed, laser printed product packaging. At the very least, their name, address and phone should be printed directly onto the box.


counterfeit steroids are dangerous

If it’s genuine product, you’d see the identification (Lot reference number) laser printed onto the side clearly.


These days the identification, aka ID number, is tracked via it’s journey to the consumer. When a person takes their script to the chemist in Thailand, they will need to provide 100 points worth of identification to get their stuff.  The name is then matched (in the cloud dude) to the package they are about to receive by the pharmacist.

It places big responsibility on the pharmacist. Any lost stock can and will be attributed to them, and they would probably receive a knock on the glass door sometime.

interlinking blog post image

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The ‘Sustanon 250 Wars’ are Hurting in Many Ways

Whilst they may not contain the same ingredients, the below products are Sustanon 250 (ripoffs) variants. Cleverly disguised and illegally leveraging of the Sustanon reputation, they are legally sold in a handful of countries where they are not considered counterfeits. We imagine this must be a pain in the bum for big Pharma and their shareholders.

  • Sustobolic made by Asia Pharma and available in Thailand chemists
  • Testo Comp 250 is also available on prescription in Thai pharmacies
  • Sustamed made by Baulken Pharma’ in Moldova. 
  • Sustenon 250 redi-jects made by Organon-MSD, Mexico. Once flooded the market, not seen so much in 2021. 
  • Agovirin-Depot® Testosterone isobutyrate Czech Republic & Slovakia only
  • Perandren M® Testosterone isobutyrate
  • Testocryst® Testosterone isobutyrate
  • Virex-Cryst® Testosterone isobutyrate


Who’s feeding the massive American Androgen Anabolic Steroid trade? 

We are in the process of gathering more clear details about this product set. We plan to show images alongside a current assessment. What we know already is that Portugal, England, Belgium and Italy all produce black market Sustanon 250, which is sold in the USA.

Overtaking them all is Pakistan.  Production there of all pharmaceuticals has ramped up in recent times, so it is expected they’ll be the biggest counterfeiter of Sustanon 250 (by Country) going forward.

The pharmaceutical Black Market, including trading of black market steroids, will never go away.  How much it hurts Big Pharma‘s annual earnings will fluctuate though, in this see-sawing battle between the Big Scammers and Big Pharma.

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