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Full Hormone Profile With CAR Biohealth Kit


Cortisol x 3, DHEA-S, Estradiol (E2), Estrone (E1), Melatonin, Progesterone and Testosterone

Full Hormone Profile with Cortisol Awakening Response Test Detail

Sample Collection: 3 samples collected over 1 hour. Waking + 3omin + 30 min. Fasting (overnight) for the first sample collection only.

Hormones Reported:  Cortisol x 3, DHEA-S, Estradiol (E2), Estrone (E1), Melatonin, Progesterone and Testosterone. This is a simple test collection with many attributes including the measurement of the expected, and much needed burst-and-disperse morning cortisol activity.

What is CAR? The Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) is the rise in cortisol levels observed at 30 minutes post-awakening (approximately 35-60% above the waking value) followed by an expected decline one hour after waking.

Why a sleep hormone test determines the morning behaviour? The behaviour of cortisol is an important physiological response to anticipation of the day ahead and is a key indicator of central stress response system health. The waking, 30 minute, and 60 minute cortisol results comprise something of a “mini stress test”.

Other tests included: 
Estradiol: (E2) Low estradiol is linked with weight gain especially in the middle area, increasing the risk of metabolic and cardiovascular disease. Left unchecked Estrogen deficiency can lead to bone loss and increased risk of fracture (osteoporosis). Estrogen is also thought to be neuroprotective and low levels due to menopause may affect cognitive function and increase the risk of dementia.
Progesterone: (P4) Progesterone regulates ovulation in females, and imbalances can cause infertility, weight gain, low sex drive and depressive symptoms. In males progesterone plays a smaller role helping to regulate estradiol.
Testosterone: (TT) testosterone typically declines with age, and that rate of decline can be measured using saliva. It is the free and active component of the hormone measured here and not the total.  Measurement unit calculators can be supplied for comparison with any old results you may have.
DHEA,s: Low DHEA-S levels will lead to reduced levels of other sex hormones and also can cause depression, loss of bone and muscle strength, and low sexual function.
Estrone: (E1) In premenopausal women, high estrone levels increase breast and endometrial cancer risk, while low levels can cause osteoporosis, fatigue, loss of libido and depression. The biologic role of estrone in men has remained unappreciated. Although estrone is considered a weaker estrogen than estradiol, circulating estrone levels in men are higher than those of estradiol.
Melatonin: Melatonin helps control your sleep / wake cycle. Melatonin also regulates pathways central to the immune response and abnormal melatonin secretion alters the immune function. An irregular melatonin test result here would qualify for follow up using more detailed testing.

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How It Works (Steps)

  • Purchase test, have it delivered to your doorstep. Tracking number available upon request.
  • Complete full hormone saliva test sample collection and brief paperwork.
  • Mail back to our certified lab’ using XPRS reply-paid satchel. Tracking ability included.
  • Samples analysed by NATA accredited laboratory.
  • Receive your results by secure .PDF.

Instructions included with this kit.

hormone test results include summary