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Female Active Hormones Test


Estradiol [E2], DHEAs, Progesterone, Testosterone [Includes Progesterone/Estradiol ratio].


Test Kit Detail

Hormones tested:

  • Estradiol [E2],
  • DHEAs,
  • Progesterone,
  • Testosterone

Includes Progesterone/Estradiol ratio.

Collection method: A single saliva sample is all that is required for this test.

Fasting Required: Yes – 1 hour.

Collection time: AM recommended.

Results include:

  • Coloured results coded graph.
  • Include personalized Summary.
  • Include advice in cases where an irregular result is discovered

Used by date: 12 months.

Laboratory: NutriPATH™.

Why Choose This Hormone Test?  – Reasons may include:

Adolescent ACNE Identifying Cause: This kit is used in an effort to identify the cause of facial and body ACNE in young adults. ACNE can be an indication of androgen hormone imbalance which can be treated, and possibly corrected. Better outcomes are more likely when early intervention occurs.

Identifying Menstrual Cycle Irregularity: DHEA and testosterone are types of androgens, which if higher than normal can disrupt fertility hormone balance and suppress ovulation. Low estrogen levels in young women may be caused by eating disorders or over-exercise, and disrupt or stop menstruation.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Hormone Observation: One of the major hallmarks of polycystic ovary syndrome [PCOS] is elevated androgens (including testosterone and DHEA-S) and many women with PCOS experience severe acne. This kit may be helpful if you have been diagnosed with PCOS and would like to monitor your DHEA and testosterone levels. Please note this test kit is not intended as a diagnostic tool for PCOS. 

In 3 simple steps:

  1. Purchase test, have it delivered to your doorstep. Tracking number available on request. Sent via Express Post same day Mon-Fri, <5PM AEST.
  2. Perform simple saliva sample collection and complete the included referral form.
  3. Post your sample and referral form back to the lab’ using the Express Post satchel. Tracking included.

Receive your hormone test results by secure .PDF to your designated email address.

Postage guaranteed and instructions provided.

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