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Female Active Hormones Test


Estradiol, Progesterone, DHEAs, Testosterone

Overview:  This kit broadly measures the primary hormones affecting a woman’s well being and reproductive health. These hormones also indicate performance of her ovaries, hypothalamus, and adrenal and pituitary glands.

Fasting Required: Yes – 10 to 12 hours

Specimen:  Saliva

Tests Included:
Estradiol: Estradiol is the predominant form of estrogen. Estradiol imbalance can cause depression, increased body fat, decreased bone density and sexual dysfunction.
Testosterone: Abnormally low levels of testosterone can decrease sexual performance, muscle and bone strength, and increase fatigue and depression.
DHEA,s:  Low DHEA-S levels will lead to reduced levels of other sex hormones and also can cause depression, loss of bone and muscle strength, and low sexual function.
Progesterone: Progesterone regulates ovulation in females, and sperm production and sexual behaviour in males. Progesterone imbalances can cause infertility, weight gain, low sex drive and depressive symptoms.

Notes: If you require an ovulation chart with this kit we can supply it. Testing for fertility in perpetration for pregnancy should be carried out on day 21 of your cycle.

More: There is no ideal specimen type for measuring hormones since there are advantages to each, depending on clinical goals. In the case of stress hormones, the majority of circulating hormones are bound to proteins and are biologically inert. Salivary testing assesses unbound, biologically-active level of the hormone within your body.

Instructions included with this kit.