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Estradiol (E2) Test Kit [MSM]


Estradiol (E2) [MSM]

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Why Test Estradiol?

(Also known as “Oestradiol”) Although considered a female sex hormone, estradiol – the predominant form of estrogen – plays a critical role in regulating male libido, erectile function and sperm maturation. Estradiol imbalance can cause depression, increased body fat, decreased bone density and sexual dysfunction.


– Purchase test, have it delivered to your doorstep. Tracking number available upon request.
– Complete saliva sample collection and brief paperwork.
– Deliver your samples & included Referral Form to the nearest approved collection centre. [900 available nationally]
– Samples analysed by NATA accredited laboratory.
– Receive your results by secure .PDF email.

[NEW] MSM Broad Spectrum Advantage is Here:
This test now incorporates the Multi-Point Saliva Collection Method [MSM]. To see more about this click on the banner to the right.

MSM Sample Collection: A total of five samples are required to be collected in separate tubes over a two hour period, i.e. one sample every 30 minutes. It is best if you start in the morning approximately 30 minutes from waking.

All kits come with detailed instructions. Support provided by email or phone.

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