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Custom Cortisol Testing

what are Flexible Collection times?

The term ‘​​Flexible Collection‘ applies to having the ability to adjust the timing of the four saliva samples collected when using ​​TestoChecker’s® 4 Point Custom Cortisol Test

Our new DIY ​​Custom Cortisol Test builder is pretty easy to use. Select the desired times of the day/night you wish to collect your saliva samples from the corresponding drop down menus, checkout using your preferred payment method, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Single cost: $159.00

Includes express post for the test kit delivery, and the ‘sample to the lab’ journey. Learn more by clicking through the link above.

What is Multi_Point Cortisol Saliva Testing?

Saliva is ideal for checking the behaviour of the Cortisol Hormone which “loops” on the 24 hour circadian day/night cycle. Multiple collections at various time (points) of the day are required to get a full picture of the hormones behaviour. Multi-point Cortisol testing provides us with a ‘wide-view’ observation of the hormones output, rather than a single snap-shot result. 

And the best place to do that is at-home.

What will the results tell me?

Test results will display our Cortisol Daily Pattern benchmarked against the expected Cortisol Daily Pattern for both age and gender. When we look at the test results, we want to see a rise and fall in Cortisol productivity soon after waking. What time that is depends on the sleeping habits of the individual. 

But there’s already a 24hr 4-Point ​​Comprehensive Cortisol Test Kit Kit?

Requests to adjust (customize) collection times for the Comprehensive Cortisol Test Kit have been steadily growing in number and while we are happy to assist, we knew we needed to make it easier. This is a self-serve, hormone testing platform, and it made sense to provide our customers with the tools to build their own ​​Custom Cortisol Test.

Do NOT use the ​​Custom Cortisol Test if…

A) The standard specimen collection times in the  ​​Comprehensive Cortisol Test Kit ($149.00), @ ‘6-8am, noon, 4pm & 8pm’, will suit those sleeping in sync with the day/night cycle.

B) You are currently using prednisone/prednisolone therapy.