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Women with adult pimples

Adults & Acne: An Adult Affliction

Adults & Acne: An Adult Affliction ACNE Adults & Hormone Signals Acne is an affliction that is part of the course for most adolescents. During teenage years hormones are in upheaval in both sexes; the brain is signalling to the ovaries and testes that it’s time to…

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Hormone testing for ovulation

The ups and downs of hormone balance in fertility

Having a baby is a life-changing event, but the journey to get there can sometimes be filled with bumps. Even before trying to conceive, many couples planning for pregnancy will look for ways to improve their health and wellbeing ahead of time. Extra trips to the gym,…

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Woman sitting at desk looking stressed out

Lowering Stress Hormone Cortisol Naturally, Here’s How

Let’s talk about Cortisol Hard work and ambition are good. But overwork and the manic pace of modern life can lead to chronic stress and adrenal burnout. You may not see it in the mirror, but high cortisol disrupts other important functions and stress can ravage your…

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Cortisol testing.

What’s So Important About the Stress Hormone Cortisol?

The killer effect of stress isn’t just an old wives tale. Chronic stress is hurting the long-term health of Australians, in part by elevating their cortisol levels. The fast pace of modern life has a price. How much we pay partly depends on our ability to manage…

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Gyms and hormones

Hormones and the Elephant in the Gym

Hormones and the Elephant in the Gym I’m Tim Leposa, a personal trainer from Geelong, where I run Fit For Living. I want to talk about an important but underestimated and often totally ignored aspect of our clients’ health hormones. Funny when you consider they affect everything from…

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Bench pressing at the gym

Is Low T Hype Undermining Your Clients?

Is Low T Hype Undermining Your Clients? Sale of testosterone products continues to grow, reaching projected sales of 2.7 billion AUD worldwide by 2020. With such aggressive marketing, a confusion of facts and nonsense about low testosterone could be hurting your clients’ fitness programme – whether they…

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