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N.S.W | Process Start to Finish

NSW | Process Start to Finish

  • Purchase test, have it delivered to your doorstep. Tracking number available on request
  • Read instructions, perform test and complete included Referral Form.
  • Deliver your samples & included Referral Form to the nearest approved collection centre [900+ available nationally]
  • Receive your hormone test results by secure .PDF to your designated email address.

Multi Point Saliva Collection [MSM] for androgen tests available in NSW.  This provides a wide view observation and maps the hormone secretion pattern/pulse.


TestoChecker® has quickly introduced the Contact-Free-Testing option. Test kits purchased this way can be sent back to the laboratory using a supplied Express Post satchel. Using this option means that dropping the samples off at a collection centre is NOT required.

Immediately after purchasing a hormone test kit, you will receive an email i.e. – ‘Opt in to Contact Free Testing (CFT) Yes or No?’.  No matter which option you select, TestoChecker Hormone Test Kits will be providing it’s famous 5 Star service to you from beginning to end.