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Total Estrogens [1.2.3] Test Kit


Estradiol [E2], Estriol [E3], Estrone [E1], DHEAs

The Estrogens Test

Hormone Reported:  Estradiol [E2], Estriol [E3], Estrone [E1], DHEAs

Fasting requirements:  Yes overnight, so it is recommended that this test be used 30 minutes from waking as this is when the hormones are most active.

Sample Collection: 5 sample collections allows for proper observation of the hormone secretion pattern. This is known as Multi Point Saliva Collection.

Why use this test? To detect irregular estrogens output which could be clinically treated. Estrogen irregularity can affect motivation and weight distribution but has further implications depending on age and gender.

More:  Estrogens 1,2 and 3 form a group of hormones playing many important roles at various stage of our lives. Primarily produced in the ovaries, the adrenal glands and fat cells also produce smaller quantities of estrogens. Estrone, and the significance of it for men is the subject of much focus currently and more information can be found elsewhere on this website.  DHEAs are a major precursor of hormones including the estrogens tested. Checking DHEAs can provide deeper insight into estrogens health.

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