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Testosterone + DHEAs + Cortisol combined Test Kit


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NEW! The Cortisol (Result) Reference Range now also includes lower limits, bringing it into line with all other saliva hormone test results.

Fasting required:  Yes, 10 – 12 hours (overnight).

Sample Collection: Single saliva collection 3o minutes from awakening to measure expected cortisol elevation. Instructions provided.

Detail: The three hormones tested with this kit are critical to mens physical health and general well-being.  

Cortisol is a broad-acting hormone involved in regulating metabolism and managing stress. Cortisol regulates blood pressure and immune function, and controls inflammation. Because it has such wide ranging effects, a cortisol imbalance can produce a wide variety of health problems.

Testosterone controls the development of typical male features (e.g., deep voice, face and body hair, muscle bulk) and male fertility. Abnormally low levels of testosterone can decrease sexual performance, muscle and bone strength, and increase fatigue and depression. It is the Free Active testosterone tested and not the Total testosterone measured by this test.

DHEA-S  Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate is the major precursor of sex hormones in males and females. Low DHEA-S levels will lead to reduced levels of other sex hormones and also can cause depression, loss of bone and muscle strength, and low sexual function.

How It Works (Steps)

  • Purchase test, have it delivered to your doorstep. Tracking number available upon request.
  • Complete simple saliva sample collection and brief paperwork.
  • Mail back to our certified lab using EXPRESS Reply-Paid parcel included.
  • Samples analysed by NATA accredited laboratory.
  • Receive your results by secure .PDF.

More: There is no ideal specimen type for measuring hormones since there are advantages to each, depending on clinical goals. In the case of stress hormones, the majority of circulating hormones are bound to proteins and are biologically inert. Salivary testing assesses unbound, biologically-active level of the hormone within your body.