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Male Aging Profile W/ Adrenal Function Test

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Cortisol x 4, DHEAs, Testosterone, Estradiol (E2)

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About This Test

Male Aging Profile W/ Adrenal Function Test –

Hormones reported: , Cortisol x 4, Testosterone, DHEAs, Estradiol (E2)

Fasting Required: Overnight. Only for the first sample. Information regarding meal time / collection time provided with this test.

Why use this test?

With ageing, the male hormonal profile tends to change. This can lead to an imbalance that is responsible for a range of symptoms. In men testosterone and DHEAs tend to fall. Estradiol levels can also change. Men may have an imbalance of these hormones if they are experiencing symptoms of fatigue, changes in mood and sexual desire, or weight gain, and overall rate themselves to have poor health. These symptoms can occur in conjunction with disrupted cortisol secretion by the adrenal glands. This test measures cortisol over the duration which can detect any abnormalities in the cortisol daily pattern.

Why Check Adrenal Function? Checking adrenal health is a very good idea. The adrenal cortex, responsible for producing Cortisol, is vital for metabolism and plays a crucial role when responding to stress. High/low DHEA indicates cortisol irregularity and is a vital clue when assessing adrenal function. Measuring the adrenal function will reveal just how much stress the body is under. Saliva is perfectly suited for this purpose.

How It Works (Steps)

  • Purchase test, have it delivered to your doorstep. Tracking number available upon request.
  • Complete simple saliva sample collection and brief paperwork.
  • Mail back to our certified lab’ using XPRS reply-paid satchel. Tracking ability included.
  • Samples analysed by NATA accredited laboratory.
  • Receive your results by secure .PDF.
  • Postage guarantee: Yes

Sources: [Hsu B, Cumming RG, Blyth FM, Naganathan V, Le Couteur DG, Seibel MJ, Waite LM, Handelsman DJ. Longitudinal and cross-sectional relationships of circulating reproductive hormone levels to self-rated health and health-related quality of life in community-dwelling older men. J Clin Endocrinol Metabol 2014; 99:1638-47] [Decaroli MC, Rochira V. Aging and sex hormones in males. Virulence. 2016;8(5):545-570.]

To read more about hormones and the ageing process go here.

I Am Taking Vitamin/Mineral Supplements. Would this Affect The Test Results?

No, it is not necessary to stop taking your supplements.

How do I know my sample will not deteriorate in the mail?

The laboratory will not compromise themselves by testing saliva that is past its used by (too viscous). Their only concern is the accuracy of the results and the integrity of the laboratory. So when a sample turns up that has been delayed by Australia Post, and it isn't fit for testing, they have no hesitation in rejecting it, and we start the process over (at no cost to you).

More: The official position of saliva travel time is that saliva samples are good for (up to) 12 days, Despite the guidelines, each sample is assessed for suitability upon arrival prior to testing.

How long does testing take?

Generally speaking testing time is up to 10 working days. For more detailed information regarding testing time see here.