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Why Privacy is Important to TestoChecker

Over the last 12 months as GM @ TestoChecker Hormnone Test Kits, I have dedicated part of my working week to gaining a deeper understanding of HIPPA Guidelines related to health-data protection and storage for our industry.

The focus of my small team has until this point been primarily on the basics of LAN data encryption, database protection and data-storage.

Why? Well I consider it sensible management to invest resources into database security. Using systems and software built for the long haul. After all, TestoChecker’s health-data encryption is integral to its online business model. And crucial to our success, are the valuable rights of our Valued Clients.

Going Forward – Protecting Client Data

TestoChecker is on track with respect to preparation for the pending digital-health-era. We are exited about anticipated user-centric improvements to the Australian health-care system. It means we also have a lot to do, as the security of this business, together with the protection of our clients’ confidential health data, is not by any measure a set n’ forget proposition.

Personal Data Deletion made Easy

Along with the integration of secure local network and database encryption technology, we have streamlined the process of Personal Data Deletion using a new, dedicated, Personal Data Deletion Request Form.

What’s clear to me is that Client Privacy is an absolute priority in 2022 and that is a good thing.

That’s all, Stay Fit & Well!

Guy Saywell

GM | TestoChecker®
Co-Director Viamed Australia Pty LTD (2010 – present)