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Is Low T Hype Undermining Your Clients?

Sale of testosterone products continues to grow, reaching projected sales of 2.7 billion AUD worldwide by 2020. Well here’s the T-Thing: With such aggressive marketing, a confusion of facts and nonsense about low testosterone could be hurting your clients’ fitness programme – whether they genuinely display low T symptoms or not. A quick test can help them move forward either way.

Does Your Client Have Low T Symptoms?

Age-related low testosterone in men and women can cause several problems that may interfere with your client’s fitness programme: loss of muscle mass and strength, lack of motivation, lethargy, depression, and sleep problems, plus lowered libido. But these symptoms also can have other causes, including primary or secondary hypogonadism. A hormone-level test will help clarify their symptoms’ cause.

Rule Out Low Testosterone as a Factor

If your training client exhibits low T symptoms or is demotivated by low T fears, urge them to get tested. Modern at-home saliva tests are accurate and convenient. The results will either settle their worries or encourage them to seek medical treatment. And you’ll have the information you need to help them progress in their fitness programme.

Fitness Naturally Boosts Testosterone

For men and women, a well-designed fitness programme is a natural way to help counter age-related testosterone loss. Exercise, keeping a healthy weight, plenty of sleep, and stress management all boost testosterone. Informing your training clients will help motivate them to stick to their fitness programme. Even clients under medically-supervised hormone treatment will benefit.

Client Insists Low T Can’t Be Problem

Questionable marketing of testosterone-boosting products could negatively influence your training client. They may deny that low testosterone could be a problem. If they complain of symptoms that could be from low testosterone, remind them that testosterone decreases in everyone as they age and that clinically low testosterone affects 1 in 4 men over 30, and many women as well.

Settle the Issue – Test Test Test

Get your client’s mind on track: Settle the testosterone question once and for all. Australian men can use TestoChecker’s at-home test
kit for only $59
.  Testing of the sample is performed by either nutriPATH, Melbourne or Australian Clinical Laboratory’s, Clayton, Victoria using state of the art equipment. Testing time is around 5 – 7 days and results designed for self interpretation. So stop guessing and start testing today.

By TestoChecker / Blog [Updated 18.06.2021] 

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