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Do Older Men Need Testosterone?

Testosterone levels naturally decrease in men over 30. Some call this ‘male menopause’ or ‘andropause’. Age-related testosterone decrease doesn’t cause most men problems. However, if your testosterone is at clinically low levels (hypogonadism), your doctor may prescribe testosterone replacement therapy to relieve or reverse related symptoms, potentially improving your sex drive, mood, muscle mass, and overall health.

Do I Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

  1. See if you have one or more of symptoms in the list below.
  2. Get your testosterone levels tested with an at-home hormone testing kit.
  3. Meet with your doctor face to face to discuss your results.
  4. Begin testosterone replacement therapy, if prescribed by your doctor.

Do I Have Low Testosterone Symptoms?

  • Sleeping issues
  • Moodiness or depression
  • Reduced sex drive (low libido)
  • Erectile or other sexual dysfunction
  • Reduced strength
  • Weight gain
  • Infertility

What’s the Most Accurate At-Home Testosterone Test?

Multiple recent peer-reviewed studies have shown that at-home hormone testing kits accurately measure patients’ ‘free’ testosterone levels – without the inconvenience and high cost of a clinic visit. Patients simply collect their saliva samples according to their kits’ directions, and then mail the samples promptly to a licensed, qualified lab for primary hormone testing.

What Will Testosterone Replacement Therapy Do for Me?

According to Dr. Abraham Morgentaler: ‘Studies have shown that testosterone-replacement therapy may offer a wide range of benefits for men with hypogonadism (low T), including improved libido, mood, cognition, muscle mass, bone density, and red blood cell production.’ Morgentaler is an associate professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School and an expert in treating male reproductive problems.

Isn’t Testosterone Therapy a Scam?

Medically-supervised testosterone replacement therapy is a recognized treatment programme for men with clinically low testosterone. However, self-treatment with over-the-counter testosterone creams, gels, and other products has come under scrutiny in recent yearsPlaintiffs in lawsuits claim that certain testosterone products have harmed them. Always consult with your doctor before beginning any programme of hormone treatment.

Are Your Testosterone Levels Normal?

Most men don’t know the answer to that question but fortunately there are options which don’t require expensive medical appointments. For Australian men, TestoChecker’s testosterone test kits are only $59  so that’s one way to go. Rule out Low-T. Put your mind at ease. And if the test results indicate an issue, then see your GP about next steps.

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