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Are Blood Tests Free in Australia?

Will my private health fund cover blood test costs? Will Medicare pay for my blood test? How much do blood tests cost? Are blood tests free in Australia?  Before running out to request a pathology test it’s worth knowing what you’re in for becuase the reality is,…

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DIY Hormone Testing in Australia

Testing hormones in Australia was once a tricky prospect. Finding a GP who was willing to investigate potential conditions like adrenal irregularity or Cushing’s disease, or to simply help rule out hormonal imbalance proved too difficult for most.  “Sorry, no referral no hormone test” This reluctance on…

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Limitations of Serum AND Saliva for Testing Hormones 

Don’t they use Blood for that? It's a question many people ask when informed that saliva can be used to test the levels of steroid hormones. Well, you can. In fact most GP’s prefer to test hormones in the traditional way. Before making up your mind though,...
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